DUFF 2018 — Thank you for voting

If you haven’t already paid your voting contribution, please do so now. You can contribute by:

  • Using Paypal (choose the option to send money to friends and family and choose an administrator’s email address for recipient)
    AUSTRALASIA: Clare McDonald-Sims, clare1701 [at] warpmail [dot] net
    NORTH AMERICA: Paul Weimer, jvstin [at] gmail [dot] com
  • Or, by sending a US check or Australian cheque to the relevant administrator (make Australian cheques out to DUFF, please); see PDF ballot for addresses. (Sorry, we can’t accept checks/ cheques from other countries.)
  • Or, use a Paypal button below.
  • Or, if you are in Australia and prefer to use direct bank transfer, please contact Clare for details.
  • Or, to pay by credit card without going through Paypal, use this link: https://www.princejvstin.com/duff-1/

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