The following reports are available on the fanac.org fanfund webpage:

  • Lesleigh's Adventures Down Under
    1972 DUFF report by Lesleigh Luttrell
  • Emu Tracks Over America
    1974 DUFF report by Leigh Edmonds
  • The Flight of the Kangaroo
    1976 DUFF report by Christine Ashby
  • From the Prying FFANZ into the Foyer
    1992 FFANZ report by Rex Thompson

    The fanac.org site presents these (and five TAFF reports) page-by-page, as image files, from the original published editions. As Dave Langford puts it, "You get the authentic layout and typos, at the cost of download speed and some legibility."

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    The following reports are available, as PDF files, at Bill Burns' efanzines website:

  • Stranger in Stranger Lands
    1979 GUFF report by John Foyster
  • Jean and Eric 'Avalook at the UK
    2001 GUFF report by Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber

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    The following report is available, as a PDF file, at the FFANZ website:

  • Fen are the most individual group of people
    2004 FFANZ report by Maree Pavletich

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    Le Zombie 67, contains Bob Tucker's report of fan-funded trip to Aussiecon [One] (1975 Worldcon, Melbourne, Australia), and is available, in htm format, at this very website.

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    In addition, quite a number of fan fund trip reports are available for purchase.