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Le Zombie
Number 67      December 1975
Koala & Kangaroo Edition
Published every time a zombie awakens by Bob Tucker at Bloomington, Illinois
(Le Zombie has been published erratically since 1938)

Dedicated to Jackie Franke with warmth and gratitude.

And to Joni Stopa, Martha Beck. Mike Gorra, Leigh Couch, Sheryl Birkhead, Anne and Bob Passovoy, Donn Brazier, Juanita and Buck Coulson, Dave Locke, Ann Cass, Ed Connor, and those unknown to me who worked hard for deportation.

And to the four hundred contributors around the world from A (Arthurs, Bruce D.) through Z (Zeldes, Leah) who were most generous and helped grease the skids to deportation -- and nevermind the crazy metaphor.

And finally to Bruce Gillespie, Leigh Edmonds, Valma Brown, Keith Curtis, Eric Lindsay, Robin Johnson, Al Fitzpatrick, and Ken and Marea Ozanne, all of whom were splendid hosts.

Aussiecon reports by Susan Wood, Eric Lindsay, and Jackie Simpson have been used by this scribe to nudge his failing memory banks.

Copyright © 1975 by Wilson Tucker

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