The Get Up-and-over Fan Fund or Going Under Fan Fund (its title depends on your point of view) was modelled on DUFF and TAFF. Formed by Leigh Edmonds and Dave Langford, on an idea by Chris Priest. Edmonds (1979), Langford (1979), and Rob Jackson (1981), have acted as administrator without ever winning the Fund, while Joseph Nicholas (1995-99) and Mihaela-Marija Perkovic (2017-18) have acted as administrator in addition to the time called upon as a winner. Read Chris Priest’s 1979 and Dave Langford’s 1999 views on the founding of GUFF.

Current Administrators are:
   Marcin Klak              Simon Litten
   POLAND                   NEW ZEALAND

Some past winners

Former GUFF winners gathered at Aussiecon 4, 2010

GUFF winners, past and present, taken at Aussiecon 4, September 2010. From left to right: Damien Warman (2005 joint), Juliette Woods (2005 joint), Trevor Clark (2009 joint), Sue Ann Barber (2009 joint), Krin Pender-Gunn (1995 joint), Angela Rosin (2007), James Shields (2010), Eve Harvey (1985), Roman Orszanski (1990), Jean Hollis Weber (2001 joint, kneeling), Eric Lindsay (2001 joint), Leigh Edmonds (founding administrator, face partly hidden), Justin Ackroyd (1984) and Irwin Hirsh (1987). Photo taken by John Harvey using Irwin’s camera. More photos here.


Note: By following the links in this section you’ll be able to finds details of each race (the candidates’ platforms & nominators), voting details, reprints of the chapters listed, or details on how to purchase completed trip reports.

1979 Winner: John Foyster
Attended: Seacon 79, Brighton, Worldcon
Trip report: Stranger in Stranger Lands (1996)
Other Contenders: John Alderson, Eric Lindsay.
1981 Winner: Joseph Nicholas
Attended: Advention ’81, Adelaide, Aussie Natcon
Trip Report chapter:
(a) Ornithopter 10, Oct 82, edited by Leigh Edmonds
Note: A trip summary was published in Ansible 19.
Other Contender: Malcolm Edwards.
1984 Winner: Justin Ackroyd
Attended: Seacon 84, Brighton, British Eastercon and Eurocon
Trip Report chapters:
(a) Thyme 36, 1984, edited by Roger Weddall
(b) Rataplan 31, Aug 85, edited by Leigh Edmonds
(c) Larrikin 3, Aug 86, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
Other Contenders: Shayne McCormack, Jean Weber, Roger Weddall.
1985 Winner: Eve Harvey
Attended: Aussiecon Two, Melbourne, Worldcon
Trip report: A Brighton Belle Meets Skippy (1999)
Other Contender: John Jarrold.
1987 Winner: Irwin Hirsh
Attended: Conspiracy ’87, Brighton, Worldcon
Trip Report chapters:
(a) Sikander 15, Mar 89, edited by Irwin Hirsh (reprinted, in French, as ‘La Moitié du plaisir’ in
Yellow Submarine 61, Jun 89, edited by Andre-Francois Ruaud.)
(b) Empties 12, Nov 93, edited by Martin Tudor
(c) Banana Wings 9, Mar 98, edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
(d) WeberWoman’s Wrevenge 52, June 98, edited by Jean Weber
(e) Thyme 119, Jan 98, edited by Alan Stewart
(f) GUFFaw 3, Nov 99, edited by Paul Kincaid
(g) Attitude 9, Oct 96, edited by Michael Abbott, John Dallman & Pam Wells
(h) The Metaphysical Review 26/27, July 1998, edited by Bruce Gillespie
(i) Larrikin 19, Dec 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
(j) Larrikin 16, Jun 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
Note: A trip summary was published in Guffawe 4.
Other Contenders: Valma Brown, Jean Weber.
1989 Winner: Roelof Goudriaan
Attended: Swancon 14, Perth, Aussie Natcon
Other Contender: Linda Pickersgill.
1990 Winner: Roman Orszanski
Attended: Confiction, The Hague, Worldcon
Trip Report chapters:
(a) doxa! 24 Aug 90, edited by Roman Orszanski
(b) doxa! 7 Nov 90, edited by Roman Orszanski
(c) doxa! 28 Mar 91, edited by Roman Orszanski
Other Contenders: Larry Dunning, and Mark Loney & Michelle Muijsert.
1992 Winner: Eva Hauser
Attended: Syncon ’92, Sydney, Aussie Natcon
Trip Report: Australsky Denik/My Australian Diary (1992)
Other Contender: Bridget Wilkinson.
1995 Winner: Ian Gunn & Karen Pender-Gunn
Attended: Intersection, Glasgow, Worldcon
Trip Report: Oh, to be in England, In the Summertime, With my love (1999)
Other Contender: LynC, Kim Huett.
1999 Winner: Paul Kincaid
Attended: Aussiecon Three, Melbourne, Worldcon
Trip Report chapters:
(a) GUFFaw 3, Nov 99, edited by Paul Kincaid
(b) GUFFaw 4, May 00, edited by Paul Kincaid
(c) GUFFaw 6, Nov 01, edited by Paul Kincaid
(d) GUFFaw 7, Sep 03, edited by Paul Kincaid
Other Contenders: Steve Davies, Julian Headlong.
2001 Winner: Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber
Attended: Attended: Paragon, British Eastercon
Trip report: Jean and Eric ‘Avalook at the UK (2002)
Other Contender: Damien Warman & Juliette Woods.
2003 Winner: Pat McMurray
Attended: Continuum II
Trip Report chapter:
(a) Plokta 32, Nov 04, edited by Steve Davies, Alison Scott and Mike Scott
In addition, Pat’s LiveJournal has entries written on and about his trip. Look for the entries dated late May and early-mid June 2004.
Pat’s photos from the trip are here.
Other Contender: Doug Bell.
2005 Winner: Damien Warman & Juliette Woods
Attended: Intersection, Glasgow, Worldcon
Trip Report chapters:
(a) Banana Wings 30, May 2007, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
(b) Banana Wings 39, Aug 2009, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
Damien and Juliette have posted to a GUFF trip LiveJournal.
Other Contenders: Sue Ann Barber, Alison Barton, David Cake.
2007 Winner: Ang Rosin
Attended: Convergence 2, Melbourne, Aussie Natcon
Trip Report chapter:
(a) Banana Wings 31, Aug 2007, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
Ang posted to a GUFF trip LiveJournal.
Other Contenders: Johan Anglemark, Anna Davour, Steve Davies.
2008 Winner: Sue Ann Barber & Trevor Clark
Attended: Eastercon LX, British Eastercon
Sue Ann and Trevor posted to a GUFF trip LiveJournal.
Other Contenders: Norah Ding, Alisa Krasnostein.
2010 Winner: James Shields
Attended: Aussiecon 4, Melbourne, Worldcon
Trip report: A Rough Guide to GUFF (2015)
James posted to a GUFF trip Blog.
Other Contender: Douglas Spencer.
2012 Winner: Kylie Ding
Attended: Olympus, British Eastercon
Other Contender: Grant Watson.
2013 Winner: Mihaela-Marija Perkovic
Attended: Conflux 9, Canberra, Aussie Natcon
Mihaela-Marija posted trip entries to her website. Look for the posts that have been tagged ‘GUFF’.
Other Contender: Julie McMurray
2014 Winner: Gillian Polack
Attended: Loncon 3, London, Worldcon
Trip report: Gillian’s Book of Lists (2015)
Other Contenders: Alison Barton, Samara Morgan, Shay Telfer
2016 Winner: Jukka Halme
Attended: Contact, Brisbane, Aussie Natcon
Other Contenders: elected unopposed
2017 Winner: Donna Maree Hanson
Attended: Worldcon 75, Helsinki, Worldcon
Trip report: GUFF Trip Report 2017, published in 2018.
Other Contenders: Sam Hawke, Belle McQuattie, and Alexandra Pierce
2018 Winner: Marcin Kłak
Attended: Continuum XIV, Melbourne
Trip report: “The Giant Leap to Never Never“, published in 2019. In addition Marcin posted trip entries to his website/blog Fandom Rover. Look for the posts that have been tagged ‘GUFF’.
Other Contender: Steve and Alice Lawson
2019 Winner: Simon Litten
Attended: Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon
Other Contenders: Lynelle Howell, and Nicole Murphy


We trust that this list is self-explanatory.

In time we hope to have copies of these loaded onto the web.

1979, 1981, 1984, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1990, 1992, 1995, 1999,
2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 
2017, 2018.

  GUFF FUNDIES (Leigh Edmonds)
1      AUG	78	M	A4	1
2	--	--	M	A4	1
3	--	--	M	A4	1
4	--	--	M	A4	1
5	--	--	M	A4	2
6	--	79	M	A4	2
1      AUG	78	M	Q	2
2      NOV	78	M	Q	2
3      SPR	79	M	Q	1
4      MAY	79	M	Q	?
5      AUG	79	M	Q	?
6      JUN	80	M	Q	?
  GUFFAWE (John Foyster)
1      APR	80	M	A4	1
2      JUL	80	M	A4	1	in Chunder! V4, N4
3      DEC	80	M	A4	1
  GUFF NEWS (John Foyster)
--     AUG	81	M	Q	1	rider with Thyme 3
  GUFF1984 (John Foyster)
--     JAN	84	M	A4	2
7      JUL	80	M	Q	?
8      FEB	81	M	Q	2	in Ansible 16
9      AUG	81	M	Q	1	in Ansible 20
10     JUN	82	M	Q	2	in Ansible 26
11     JAN	84	M	Q	2	in Ansible 37
12     MAY	85	M	Q	2	in Ansible 43
--      FEB     86      M       A4      2       in Thyme 51
  GUFFSTUFF (Eve Harvey)
1	MAR 	86	M	A4	2
2	JUN	86	M	A4	2
3	AUG	86	M	A4	4
4	FEB	87	M	A4	4
5	FEB	88	M	Q	2
6	MAY	88	M	A4	4
  GUFFAWE (Irwin Hirsh)
4       FEB	88      M	A4	4
5	APR	88	M	A4	2	in Thyme 68
6	AUG	88	M	A4	4
7	---	89	M	A4	4
8	DEC	89	M	A4	6
9	AUG	90	M	A4	4
  THE GUFFIATE (Roelof Goudriaan)
--	JUL	91	O	A4	4
--	DEC	91	O	A4	2
  GUFF STUFF (Roman Orszanski)
--      MAY     91      O       A4      2
  GUFFaw (Paul Kincaid)
refer next section for publication details


The items listed here are those published with a specific purpose of promoting GUFF.

  GUFFaw (Paul Kincaid)
1	--- 	98   M  A4     1   This issue published with Steve
				   Davies and Julian Headlong
2	AUG	99   M  A4     22
3	NOV	99   M  A4     27  From this issue on, also acts as
			  	   an Administrator Report
4	MAY	00   M  A4     24
5       NOV     00   M  A4     18
6       NOV     01   M  A4     16
7       SEP     03  PDF A4     18

GUFF 2020 Ballot: Europe to Australasia

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GUFF 2020 Call for Nominations: Europe to Australasia

GUFF is the Going Under (or Get Up-and-over) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Europe to Australasia (and vice versa). Nominations in the race to send an European fan to Worldcon in Wellington, New Zealand (29 July-2 August) are open to anyone who was active in fandom prior to January 2018. Depending on …