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    2012 PLATFORMS

    Grant Watson

    Has Grant Watson: A.) celebrated his 35th birthday; B.) spent 21 years in fandom; C.) served on the committees of 11 different conventions; D.) co-programmed Aussiecon 4; E.) won five Ditmar and two Atheling Awards; F.) written award-winning plays; G.) listed his favourite things as Doctor Who, William Shakespeare, Asian cinema and DC Comics; H.) read a lot of Ursula K. Le Guin, Arthur C. Clarke, Jeff Noon, Chuck Palahniuk and Clive Barker; I.) never attended a science fiction convention outside of Australia, or; J.) All of the above.

    Grantís nominators are Justin Ackroyd, Danny Oz, Simon Oxwell, Claire Brialey and James Bacon.

    Kylie Ding

    Kylie Ding, fan since 1991, congoer since 1999, and recent volunteer in childcare and childrenís streams at local convention Swancon has a great sense of humour and loves meeting new fans. She has attended Eastercons, Worldcons, Swancons, Continuums, Diana Wynne Jones fan gatherings, and heaps of smaller conventions in Perth. After successfully fundraising at Villiancon, Kylie has some ideas for future fundraising for the next GUFF race. If elected Kylie promises to host a party with tasty Australian food and beverages. Ready to volunteer for the Eastercon program, Kylie will be accompanied (at her own expense) by her five-year-old daughter.

    Kylieís nominators are Sarah Parker, David Cake, Beverly Hope, Pat McMurray and John Medany.

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    		 UK	AUS	ROW    Total	
    Grant Watson	    	 	 	 46
    Kylie Ding	 	  	 	 47
    Hold Over Funds   	  	 	  0
    No preference     	  	 	  5
    Kylie Ding won on the first ballot.
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  • Call for candidates
  • 2012 Race Ballot (pdf format)
  • 2012 Race Ballot (htm format)
  • 2012 Race Ballot (a fillable form, to allow on-line voting.)
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