The Tucker Bag. Run by Jackie Franke (Causgrove) and Bruce Gillespie, sent Bob Tucker to Aussiecon [One] (1975 Worldcon). Trip report published as Le Zombie 67, edited by Bob Tucker. As a fundraiser Dave Locke edited, and Robert & Juanita Coulson published The Really Incompleat Bob Tucker by Bob Tucker.

The Harding Fund. Run by David Grigg, sent Lee Harding to Q-Con III in Brisbane 1976. “To Q-Con 3 and Back Again … and What Happened Afterwards”, Lee’s Trip Report, was published in Rataplan 19/20, edited by Valma Brown & Leigh Edmonds.

The Shaw Fund. Run by Eve & John Harvey, Justin Ackroyd, and Marc Ortlieb, sent Bob Shaw to Aussiecon Two (1985 Worldcon). As a fundraiser Eve & John Harvey published Serious Science by Bob Shaw.

The Auld Lang Fund. Run by Eve & John Harvey, Justin Ackroyd, and Marc Ortlieb, sent Dave Langford to Aussiecon Three (1999 Worldcon). Dreamtime Guilt (PDF) is Dave’s trip report summary. As a fundraiser Eve & John Harvey published Pieces of Langford by Dave Langford. For further details regarding The Auld Lang Fund click here.

The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund was run by Arnie & Joyce Katz, and Bill Wright, to send Bruce Gillespie to the 2005 Corflu and Potlatch conventions. As a fundraiser Irwin Hirsh edited, and The BBB Fund published The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie by Bruce Gillespie. More details regarding the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund are here.


The Mid-Atlantic Fan Fund. Founded to create more friction between Australian fans. Very poorly administered, the final result never being officially announced until over a decade later, as the Administrator, Marc Ortlieb, did not want to admit it.

1982    Winner: Marc Ortlieb (Not Nominated)
        The Middle of the Atlantic Ocean
        No trip report.
        Nominees: Justin Ackroyd, Terry Frost, Jack Herman, 
                  Paul J. Stevens, Peter Toluzzi.


An attempt was made to establish an exchange between Australian and Japanese fandom, building on Koichi Yamamoto’s visit in 1979, and funded by a travel grant from the Australia-Japan Association.