The National Australian Fan Fund (NAFF) was founded in 2001 by Sue Ann Barber and Grant Watson, to assist fans to travel across Australia to attend the Australian National Convention (Natcon).


Note: By following the links in this section you’ll be able to finds details of each race (the candidates’ platforms & nominators), voting details, reprints of the chapters listed, or details on how to purchase completed trip reports.

2001 Winner: Lucy Zinkiewicz
Attended: Swancon, Perth. WA
2002 Winner: Emma Hawkes
Attended: Attended: Convergence 2002, Melbourne, Victoria
Trip report: From Perth to Melbourne and Back Again (2002)
2003 Winner: Alison Barton
Attended: Swancon, Perth, WA
2004 Winner: Jon Swabey
Attended: Conflux, Canberra, ACT
Trip report: NAFFing off Down South (2007)
2005 Winner: Zara Baxter
Attended: Thylacon IV, Hobart, Tasmania
Other Contender: Robin Pen
2007 Winner: Ju Whitehead
Attended: Convergence 2, Melbourne, Victoria
Trip report: There and Back Again
Other Contender: Lily Chrywenstrom.
2008 Winner: Edwina Harvey
Attended: Swancon 33 “The State of the Art”, Perth, WA
Trip Report chapters:
(a) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 6 March 2008
(b) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 10 April 2008
(c) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 17 May 2008
(d) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 24 June 2008
(e) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 1 August 2008
(f) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 14 August 2008
(g) Edwina’s LiveJournal, entry on 19 September 2008
Note: A trip summary was published in Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 73, April 2008
Other Contenders: Paul Poulton, Aimee Smith
2009 Winner: Anna Hepworth
Attended: Conjecture, Adelaide, SA
2010 Winner: Gina Goddard
Attended: Dudcon 3, Melbourne, VIC
Other Contender: Colin Sharpe
2011 Winner: Rachel Holkner
Attended: Swancon Thirty Six | Natcon Fifty, Perth, WA
2012 Winner: John & Sarah Parker
Attended: Continuum 8, Melbourne, Victoria
Other Contender: Sean Broughton-Wright
2013 Winner: Emma Kate
Attended: Conflux, Canberra, ACT
2014 Winner: Matthews Lindus
Attended: Continuum X, Melbourne, Victoria
Other Contender: Tehani Wessely
2015 Winner: Tehani Wessely
Attended: Swancon 40, Perth, WA
Other Contenders: Paula McGrath, Candice Schilder, Greg Tannahill
2017 Winner: Fe Waters
Attended: Continuum 13, Melbourne, Victoria
Other Contenders: Jane Fischer, Talitha Kalago, Jay Watson
2019 Winner: Stephen Dedman
To Attend: Continuum 15: Other Worlds, Melbourne, Victoria
Other Contender: Simone Corletto