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by Edwina Harvey

(First published in The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 73 April 2008,
edited by Edwina Harvey and Edwin A. Scribner.)

NAFF WINNER'S REPORT: First of all thanks to everyone who voted for me in the NAFF race, and thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to congratulate me on winning. It was really nice to hear "Well done" instead of "You got this wrong in the latest Bullsheet" for a change! ; - ) I had a lovely time in Perth (managed to fit in some sight-seeing before and after the convention) and at Swancon where I had GoH Rob Shearman delivered *to my door* (Tehani Wessely had shanghaied him to push a trolley of ASIM boxes for her. The woman is *shameless*!) I got to meet & chat to Brendan Carson and his lovely wife Catherine after years of reading Brendan's posts on the Eidolist. I also met Satima Flaival Neist for the first time. I was constantly bumping into DUFF winners Sue and Steve Francis, and thinking if I'd had my wits about me earlier, I could have tried to arrange a bit of hospitality for them when they were in Sydney (I was still in Perth when they were in Sydney unfortunately) I saw an interesting presentation on how land sat details help SF writers develop their imaginary worlds by Rebecca, and got to talk to her later with her fiancÚ Mikey O'Rielly, bought NAFF and DUFF trip reports, tried to pull my weight for NAFF by selling raffle tickets for a chocolate Easter Hamper (big thanks to Tehani Wessely for selling off the last of the tickets, and organising the draw of the raffle for me. The first ticket out of the box was Lucy Zinkiewicz's, but she selflessly demanded a redraw, and the winning ticket had been bought by Blake Battersby. I also donated a book to NAFF that was sold in the auction. The book and raffle raised $60 for NAFF I had the chance to meet Ju Landessee, catch up with Clare McKenna and Emma Hawkes, whom I remember chatting to when she was NAFF delegate at Convergence 1 in 2002. Emma was doing a sterling job of running the Swancon artshow. I played Quidditch and saw a bit of Jedi Boot camp. During an emotionally charged presentation, Danny Oz was awarded a Silver Swan (it was only the third time the award had been made in over 30 years of Swancons.) I got the chance to meet up with my ASIM buddies and spruik, and I met little Jack Raven Parker (q.v. births) who seemed to be enjoying his first Swancon. I'd urge all fans to attend at least *one* Swancon in their lives. Perth fans just seem to have this amazing energy that they channel into art, craft, costuming and running very friendly, engaging and stimulating conventions. Special thanks to Sally Beasley, Evan and Dave Luckett for inviting me into their home for a sumptuous farewell dinner. Sally kindly drove me to the airport for my flight home as well. I'll be giving a fuller commentary of my trip to Perth at livejournal. I really enjoyed being the NAFF delegate and wonder how you wrangle getting to be Fan Guest of Honour for a convention? I'll be posting more details of my trip at edsed.livejournal.com when I've got a bit more time!

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