• Gina Goddard

    2019 PLATFORMS

    Simone Corletto (South Australia)

    Iíve been a long time enthusiastic fan of science fiction and pop culture, having spent many years reading and writing fanfiction, following and commissioning fan art from my favourite artists, engaging in endless debates and discussions dissecting and analysing my favourite fandoms, and attending (and cosplaying at) as many fan-conventions as I can in my local city of Adelaide, Avcon, Supanova, and Oz Comic Con (RIP). Iíve only just discovered Continuum and it sounds like an amazing experience, but obviously my geographic distance would make it that much more difficult for me to attend. I have put my hand up to speak on a number of potential panels, and if chosen for this fund assistance, (and chosen to speak on those panels), I plan to contribute as much as I can to the community and make the most of everything Continuum has to offer.

    Nominated by: Justina Ashman; Elizabeth Hickey

    Stephen Dedman (Western Australia)

    Fan of long standing, frequent sitting and sporadic time-warping; former Swancon secretary and programmer; perennial panellist; occasional guest; co-editor of the ConSensual collections of meaty erotic stories; game designer and GM; Aurealis Award and Ditmar-winning writer; teacher of creative writing to forensic scientists; collector of books, DVDs and T-shirts; lover of cats and travel. Pronouns: he/him, WTF was that? Iím about to attend my 42nd Swancon and my 8th Worldcon, but itís been far too long since Iíve been to Melbourne and Iím missing the fans, the Spader-man figures at the Victoria markets, and my fellow fossils in Melbourne Museum.

    Nominated by: Danny Oz, John Parker

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