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    2010 PLATFORMS

    GINA GODDARD (WA) (baby_elvis on livejournal)

    Gina has been active in fandom since 1982. Her achievements include: President and Life Member of UniSFA; Swancon committee member; Swancon Fan GoH; WASFF Board Member; Marge Hughes (Mumfan) award and Tin Duck winner; Gynaecon founding member and Gynaezine co-editor. She’s been to 28 Swancons; performed as a 'Ratette' at Aussiecon II and volunteered at Aussiecon III. As NAFF delegate she'll bring excellent panellist and moderator skills; administration and fund raising experience and years of report writing practice; but, mostly, a love of SFF and joy in fandom undiminished since the day she first saw Star Wars in 1977.

    Nominators: Sarah Parker (WA); Jenny Blackford (NSW); Justin Ackroyd (Vic)


    Colin first came to fandom through Western Australia’s Doctor Who fan club ‘The West Lodge’, and has since gone on to be involved in numerous fannish activities ranging from convention committees, editing club newsletters, and publishing the manga anthology serial Xuan Xuan. He is an artist, winning several Tin Ducks, a keen amateur photographer, and sports enthusiast, rock-climber, and most recently, hockey player, and soon to be father. Colin loves to engage with other fans who are passionate about their fandom, and brings a wide variety of interests and experience to any discussion. He has even once drawn Superman professionally.

    Nominators: David Gunn (WA); Kate Sharpe (WA); Danny Oz (ACT)

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