The Australian side of the Auld Lang Fund raised $1040, and Aussiecon Three gave Dave a free membership and covered Dave's hotel costs for the duration of the convention.

Dreamtime Guilt is Dave's trip report summary. This is a PDF file.

People who donated at least A$20 to the fund were dubbed a FOOL (Friend Of Old Langford).

The following were designated as FOOLs by the Australian Administrator:

Justin Ackroyd
Stephen Boucher
Lawrence Brown
David W. Clark
Elaine Cochrane
Pauline Dickinson
John Foyster
Leanne Frahm
Bruce Gillespie
Carey Handfield
Jack Herman
Irwin Hirsh
Bret Hirshman
Eric Lindsay
Perry Middlemiss
Cheryl Morgan
Ken Moylan
Janice Murray
Sarah Murray-White
Clive Newall
John Newman
Sian O'Neale
Cath Ortlieb
Marc Ortlieb
Andrew Porter
Alan Rosenthal
Yvonne Rousseau
David Russell
Kevin Standlee
Alan Stewart
Jane Tisell
Damien Warman
Julian Warner
Jean Weber
Juliette Woods
Lucy Zinkiewicz
Ian Gunn Memorial Fund