• Eve Harvey (Europe)
  • Justin Ackroyd (Australia)
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    1987 PLATFORMS

    Valma Brown

    I want to shout at Dave Langford and go to dinner as requested by Hazel Langford. I want to meet all those beaut British fans I missed at Aussiecon, see the ones I did meet and meet all the ones that Maggie wouldn't let out. I have a soft spot for British accents and because of this weakness Leigh Edmonds will be accompanying me to make sure I come back. I have been involved in fandom since 1971. I am currently co-editor of Fuck the Tories and co-publisher and boss of The Notional. I like conventions, fans and parties where I can talk to people. I love talking to people.

    Nominators: Hazel Langford, Joseph Nicholas, Marilyn Pride, Yvonne Rousseau and Grant Stone

    Irwin Hirsh

    Unbearded, and hatless at conventions, Irwin nevertheless possesses all the qualities to be a worthy fan fund winner and a fine administrator. In 9 years he has published 100+ fanzines, including Sikander, Thyme (with Andrew Brown), and for 6 apas and has been a member of 3 convention committees, including the running of a Worldcon film programme. His other interests include films, music, fine art, sports, fine food, and making good use of metropolitan transit systems as a way of discovering cities. A freelance eassistant film editor, Irwin would like to be Australia's Steven Spielberg when he grows up.

    Nominators: John Foyster, Carey Handfield, Dave Langford, Marc Ortlieb, and Arthur Thomson

    Jean Weber

    Having discovered fandom at Aussiecon One, I have been publishing WeberWoman's Wrevenge since 1980. I am an enthusuastic apahack and book reviewer, an organiser of conventions until I learned better, have been Editor of ANZAPA for two years, and am suspected of a prurient interest in other people's personal relationships. I'm well-known for my feminist views, my (lack of) taste in rum, and my dislike of large groups (so why do I enjoy conventions?). How much of the above is true? Bring me to Conspiracy in 1987 and find out - if you dare. (Trip report within one year.)

    Nominators: Sally Beasley, Leanne Frahm, Joy Hibbert, Cath Ortlieb, and Sue Thomason.

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                               First Round	       Second	 Third    Final
                       Australia  Europe  Total	Round    Round    Round
    Valma Brown		23	18	41	  41	   57	    63
    Irwin Hirsh		44	25	69        76	   91      120
    Jean Weber		25	12	37        39  Eliminated
    Hold Over Funds		 2	 -	 2     
     Tim Jones		38	 2	40        43       46   Eliminated
     Larry Dunning		 4	 -	 4   Eliminated 
     Roger Weddall		 3	 -	 3   Eliminated 
     Marc Ortlieb		 1	 -	 1   Eliminated 
     Crocodile Dundee	 1	 -	 1   Eliminated 
    No Preference		 3	 2	 5   Eliminated 
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		       144	59     203
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Irwin Hirsh achieved an outright majority on the fourth and final round.

  • Guffstuff 4, 1 February 1987, edited by Eve Harvey
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    The following Trip Report chapters have been published and are available at this site:

  • Half the Fun - First published in Sikander 15, Mar 89, edited by Irwin Hirsh (reprinted, in French, as 'La Moitié du plaisir' in Yellow Submarine 61, Jun 89, edited by Andre-Francois Ruaud.)
  • First Days in Londontown - First published in Empties 12, Nov 93, edited by Martin Tudor
  • Down in Brighton - First published in Banana Wings 9, Mar 98, edited by Claire Brialey & Mark Plummer
  • What's Up Skip? - First published in WeberWoman's Wrevenge 52, June 98, edited by Jean Weber
  • Reading 'n' Oxford - First published in Thyme 119, Jan 98, edited by Alan Stewart
  • The Lakes, Chester, Gwynedd & Hoarey Stories - First published in GUFFaw 3, Nov 99, edited by Paul Kincaid
  • Leaps and Bounds - First published in Attitude 9, Oct 96, edited by Michael Abbott, John Dallman & Pam Wells
  • "You Gotta Go To Finland" - First published in Larrikin 19, Dec 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss
  • Twelve Days in Italy - First published in The Metaphysical Review 26/27, July 1998, edited by Bruce Gillespie
  • Back Home - First published in Larrikin 16, Jun 88, edited by Irwin Hirsh & Perry Middlemiss

  • Note: A trip summary was published in Guffawe 4.

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