• Mihaela-Marija Perkovic (on behalf of Jukka Halme) (Europe)
  • Gillian Polack (Australia)

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    2017 PLATFORMS

    Donna Maree Hanson

    My first SF con was Convergence in Melbourne, 2002. Over excited by my dip into fandom, I chaired Conflux, the 43rd Natcon, Conflux 2 and later co-chaired, Conflux 9, the 52nd Natcon. I’m inspired by GUFF delegate Jukka Halme to get over to Helsinki and also my love of the UK to visit fans there. Fandom changed my life! It has people who like SF, books and authors. I was weaned on Lost in Space, Dr Who, Star Trek, Thunderbirds, UFO and Blake 7. As the GUFF delegate, I want to hang out with European and British fen and experience their fandom.

    Nominators: Australasia – Julian Warner, Dave Cake, Rose Mitchell
    Europe – Patrick McMurray, Ben Roimola

    Sam Hawke

    I’m a fantasy writer (my first book comes out through Tor in 2018) and like many SFF fans, I tend toward shyness. But once comfortable I’m like one of those annoying tins with the sprung streamers you had as a kid: there’s no putting me back in. 2 ciders/1 Discworld argument in and I’ll be challenging you to a ‘recite the entire Princess Bride from memory’ contest or arguing my choice of Doctor (10, obviously). Send me to Helsinki so I can connect in person with fans from around the world, and uphold Australia’s honour in the 3-timtams-in-a-minute contest!

    Nominators: Australasia – Rob Porteous, Tim Napper, Leife Shallcross
    Europe – Natasja Frederiksen, Sini Neuvonen

    Belle McQuattie

    I am a reader, reviewer, Aurealis Awards judge and Continuum 13 committee member. I have a particular passion for Australian fantasy and would love to share it with new friends at WorldCon. I would also like to meet fans at Nine Worlds and in Croatia before/after WorldCon, and experience the unique flavours each of the three regions brings to fandom. Reconnecting with the wider fandom is the best decision I’ve made this year and I’m very much looking forward to all the new experiences waiting for me. I can be found @theresaninkspot

    Nominators: Australasia – Tole Canal, Tehani Croft, Katharine Stubbs
    Europe – James Shields, Vanja Kranjcevic

    Alexandra Pierce

    I’ve been consuming science fiction and fantasy for as long as I can remember; watching Doctor Who as a child saved me from some dire 80s TV. My fandom has taken many forms over the decade, including writing reviews ( and attending conventions. A conversation about the dearth of female and Australian SFF podcasts led to the Hugo-winning Galactic Suburbia; a love of feminist SF led to editing the award-winning Letters to Tiptree. I am super excited about connecting with fans from around the world!

    Nominators: Australasia – PRK, Gene Melzack, and Damien Warman and Juliette Woods
    Europe – Cheryl Morgan and Irma Hirsjärvi

    Note: Initially Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce were a shared candidate. After the commencement of the voting period Alisa Krasnostein withdrew from race. Nominators for the pair are willing to support the single candidate and a revised ballot was issued. These are Alisa's and Alexandra's candidate details:

    Alisa Krasnostein and Alexandra Pierce (shared)

    Alisa and Alex are two thirds of the Hugo-winning Galactic Suburbia podcast, and co-editors of the award-winning Letters to Tiptree. Alisa is the publisher at Twelfth Planet Press, and has won awards for her anthologies and other publications. Alex writes the regular column “Aurora Australis” for, and has won awards for her reviews and criticism ( Alisa and Alex share a passion for science fiction and fandom. All of their projects are undertaken for the love of science fiction. They look forward to being excellent ambassadors of Australian fans, and connecting with fans from around the world.

    Nominators: Australasia – PRK, Gene Melzack, and Damien Warman and Juliette Woods
    Europe – Cheryl Morgan and Irma Hirsjärvi

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    Total number of eligible voters: 62 
                    Hanson  Hawke  McQuattie  Pierce  Holdover  Writein  No preference  Total
    1st Round         25      6         10      16         0        1            4        62
    2nd Round         26      6         10      16                                        58
    3rd Round         30                10      16                                        56
    4th round         33                        18                                        51
    In the fourth round Hanson received more than 50% of the total number of eligible votes in the race. Donna Maree Hanson is therefore the winner of GUFF in 2017.               
    Notes: One write in vote was received, for Davina Watson
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  • Call for candidates (htm format)
  • Administrators' mid-race announcement (htm format)
  • 2017 Race Ballot - Final version (pdf format)
  • 2017 Race Ballot - Intial version (pdf format)
  • Post race Administrator's Report (published by Gillian Polack) (htm format)

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    2017 TRIP REPORT

    In 2018 Donna completed her Trip Report, GUFF Trip Report 2017. You can purchase a soft copy for a donation of at least A$7, at this page.

    During her trip Donna posted trip entries to her Blog. Look for posts that have been tagged 'GUFF'.

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