• Pat McMurray (Europe)
  • Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber (Australia)

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    2005 PLATFORMS

    Sue Ann Barber

    There is some truth in the rumour that Sue Ann quit fulltime work to support her fannish pursuits. In twenty years in fandom she has been an active volunteer of many clubs and conventions on the East and West Coasts of Australia. Sue Ann loves programming conventions and was responsible for Convergence, Continuum 2003 & 2004 in Melbourne. Her fanzines, Oscillation Overthruster and Three-Eyed Frog are award nominated; she is currently editing Ethel the Aardvark for the Melbourne Science Fiction Club, of which she is the President. Sue Ann is looking forward to attending Interaction and meeting lots of fans from around the world.

    Nominators: Paul Kincaid, Christina Lake, Rose Mitchell, Alan Stewart, Danny Oz (Heap)

    Alison Barton

    A little over a decade ago, in a galaxy we call home, I found fandom. A passionate musician, I've sung throughout Oz, recited and judged Vogon Poetry, produced fanzines, and am often found committee'ing myself to numerous clubs and conventions, and dressing up (and down) from convention halls to stage and screen. I've never yet been to the UK or Europe and if I win GUFF I plan to travel widely meeting as many fans as possible. I'd also like to explore some of my family heritage and perhaps spend some time stargazing in a field, somewhere in Innsbruck.

    Nominators: James Allen, Zara Baxter, Flick, Murray McLaughlin, Maureen Kincaid Speller

    David Cake

    Who is Dave Cake? He is a litfan, a comics fan, a gamer, an active con-runner, a small press publisher, a fan writer. He has worked on many conventions in many capacities, from Chair to DJ. He likes music, what he calls forteana but his wife calls 'weird dumb stuff', and conversing over a beer. He has never visited anywhere in the UK or Europe. He is keen to meet fans who are now just names in fanzines or blogs, to room party to within an inch of his life, and to throw himself headlong into a giant Worldcon experience.

    Nominators: Stephen Dedman, Tim Illingworth, Henk Langeveld, Grant Watson, Sean Williams

    Damien Warman and Juliette Woods

    GUFF is a good thing: let's make it annual. If we're elected, we'll aim to raise GUFF's profile across Australasia. We'll publish a timely trip report featuring some of the byways as well as the highways of European fandom. During our fifteen years of fanac, we've met many wonderful people, some of whom have slept on our spare bed or braved our tiny car or put up with our recalcitrant barbecue. We run very small conventions and pub our ish. We've played softball in Wisconsin - what about french cricket in Glasgow?

    Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Bruce Gillespie, Mark Plummer, Yvonne Rousseau, Alison Scott

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                       Australia    UK    Total
    First Round
    Sue Ann Barber           4       4       8
    Alison Barton            5       2       7
    David Cake               5       3       8
    Warman and Woods        18      19      37
    No Preference		 4	 3 	 7
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Total			36  	31 	67
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Damien Warman and Juliette Woods achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

    The UK administrator received 1 vote from each of Australia and USA, and 29 from UK. Two of the votes were received electronicly and 29 votes came on paper ballots.

    The Australian administrators received 21 votes from Australians, 7 from UK, 6 from USA, 1 from Canada, and 1 from Fiji. Seventeen of the votes were received electronicly and 19 votes came on paper ballots.

  • Eric Lindsay - Australian GUFF Co-Administrator
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    2005 VOTERS

    These people sent ballots to the Australian administrators (Eric Lindsay and Jean Weber) or voted online using the ballot provided on the Australian administrators' GUFF website. Unless otherwise noted, they are located in Australia.
      Jenny Ackroyd
      Justin Ackroyd
      James Allen
      Alison Barton
      Zara Baxter
      Doug Bell (UK)
      Randy Byers (USA)
      Thomas Bull
      Steven Cain (UK)
      Alison Freebairn (UK)
      Emma Hawkes
      Karen Herkes
      Irwin Hirsh
      Robin Johnson
      Dave Langford (UK)
      Rose Mitchell
      Murray Moore (Canada)
      Cheryl Morgan (UK)
      Lewis Morley
      Chris Nelson (Fiji)
      John Newman
      Roman Orszanski
      Yvonne Rousseau
      David L Russell
      Lucy Schmeidler (USA)
      Alison Scott (UK)
      Gerald Smith
      Douglas Spencer (UK)
      Kevin Standlee (USA)
      Alan Stewart
      Ian E Stockdale (USA)
      Erwin S Strauss (USA)
      Jon Swabey
      Karen (Womble) Warnock
      Tom Whitmore (USA)
      Lucy Zinkiewicz (UK)

    These people sent ballots to the UK administrator, Pat McMurray. Unless otherwise noted, they are located in the UK.
      Paul Hood
      David Redd
      John Harvey
      Tanya Brown
      Lennert Uhlin
      Claire Brialey
      Tony Cullen
      Mark Plummer
      Judith Hanna
      Tony Keen
      Joseph Nicholas
      Bridget Bradshaw
      David Cook
      Eve Harvey
      Spike Parsons (USA)
      John Dallman
      Geneva Melzack
      Christina Lake
      Maureen Kincaid Speller
      Lisa Lagergren
      Paul Kincaid
      Bridget Wilkinson
      Julia Gosling
      Liluri (Australia)
      Roger Earnshaw
      Stephen Cooper
      Caroline Mullan
      Sue Jones
      Pamela Boal
      Simon Bailey

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    The following Trip Report chapters have been published:

  • Reading, by Juliette Woods, published in Banana Wings 30, May 2007, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • Edinburgh, by Juliette Woods, published in Banana Wings 39, Aug 2009, edited by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • In addition, Damien and Juliette posted to a GUFF trip LiveJournal.

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