As published by Roman Oszanski in 1991.
NB: all contact details could well be out of date.

GUFF Stuff

Call for Nominations for Guff Race 1991

GUFF, the Going Under Fan Fund or Get Up-and-over Fan Fund (depending on where you're standing), was founded in 1979 to further contacts between the SF fan communities of Europe and Australia.

It facilitates this objective by sending a popularly elected fan from one continent to the other, to attend a major convention and meet local fans.

Candidates are put up for election upon their nomination by five fans, three from Europe and two from Australia when sending a european to Australia.

They are required to present a 50 word description of themselves (or anything they think will help their chances -- after all, it's their platform), pay a bond of $10/£5 and pledge to attend the convention if they should win the Guff Race.

The candidate elected makes the trip, and upon returning home administers the fund for the next two elections and fends off questions relating to the publication of a trip report...

The money which goes towards paying the winner's airfare is raised via voting fees, general donations, donations of material for mail and con auctions, and any other fundraising stunts the administrators can dream up.

Last year, Guff winner Roman Orszanski, of Adelaide, South Australia, attended the Worldcon in the Hague, The Netherlands. Parts of his trip report have appeared in doxa!, his fanzine, and he threatens to bring out a complete edition by year's end. Roman joins John Foyster (1979), Joseph Nicholas (1981), Justin Ackroyd (1984), Eve Harvey (1985), Irwin Hirsh (1987), and Roelof Goudriaan (1989) as previous Guff winners.

Nominations are now open for the 1991 Guff Race, to send a fan from Europe to the 1992 Australian National Convention in Sydney.

Nominees have until Midnight August 31st, Greenwich Mean Time this year to get nomination details to either of the current administrators:

Roman Orszanski
PO Box 131 Marden
SA 5070 Australia
Fax: +61 8 223 4075 (work)

Roelof Goudriaan
Caan Van Necklaan 63
2218 BB Rijswijk (ZH)
The Netherlands

Nomination packages must include the candidate's platform, a signed pledge to attend the convention (barring acts of god) if they win the race, nominations from five fans (three from Europe, two from Australia), and a nomination fee of $10/£5.

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