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Juanita Coulson Wins DUFF

Email announcement by Bill Wright

Today, the North American administrator John Hertz posted on File770 at: the news that Juanita Coulson has won the 2014 DUFF race.

Juanita will attend Continuum X ‘Carnival of Lost Souls’, the 53rd Australian National Science Fiction Convention at the InterContental Hotel ‘The Rialto’ in Melbourne, Australia, on June 6-9, 2014.

There was a clear result on primary votes. We didn’t have to go to preferences. The voting figures are…

Name                            ANZ      North     Total      
Aurora Celeste                   6         18        24            
Juanita Coulson                 17         25        42            
Hold Over Funds                  0          0         0              
No Preference                    0          6         6              
Write-in                         0          0         0              
Total                           23         48        72          

The ballot tally is 72, most votes having been returned on duly completed paper ballots. The others, totalling 26, were votes included in the narration for PayPal donations during the campaign period. Dissections between those two categories in each Continent are…

Name                            ANZ      North     Total      
Paper ballots                    13        33        46 
PayPal ballots                   10        16        26  
Total ballots                    23        48        72        

Two candidates emerged this year. They are Aurora Celeste and Juanita Coulson.

Celeste’s nominators were Warren Buff, Chris Garcia, Jesi Pershing (NA); Norm Cates, Rose Mitchell (ANZ).

Coulson’s nominators were Sue & Steve Francis, Joyce & Arnie Katz, Murray Moore (NA); Bruce Gillespie, Paula McGrath (ANZ).

I thank both candidates for their participation.

For further details, including each candidate’s platform, please refer to John Hertz’ press release on

Bill Wright
DUFF 2014 ANZ administrator
2 May 2014

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