As published by Ang Rosen in April 2010
NB: all addresses, links, etc, could well be out of date.

Great Balls of GUFF

Great Balls of GUFF

The 2009/10 Europe to Australasia Guff Race Result

Candidate   Shields   Spencer   Hold Over Funds   No Pref Total
Europe 38 32 0 777
Australasia 11 4 0 318
Rest of the World 4 1 0 05
Total 53 37 0 10100

James Shields is selected as the GUFF delegate for 2010 and will attend Aussiecon4 in Melbourne, 2-6th September, Aussiecon4

Thank you to James Shields and Douglas Spencer for standing and making it such a lovely race to administer. Many people spoke about how difficult it was to choose between the candidates which I think is shown in the number of no preference votes. Thanks are due to my co-administrators, Sue Ann Barber and Trevor Clark, for their efficient delivery of the voting numbers in Australia. I'd also like to thank the generous voters as well as people who gave donations without a vote which are very much appreciated. The current status of the fund including income from voting is viewable at the bottom of this page.

Other Guff

Pat McMurray's 2004 Trip report is now available either as a black and white publication for £4 ($8 AUS) or password protected colour pdf (6.38 mb) for £2 ($4 AUS). 

To receive a copy either:
Write to me - Ang Rosin, 26 Hermitage Grove, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 6DR, United Kingdom - enclosing a cheque made payable to GUFF and your preferred delivery method. 

If you require the pdf please include a valid email address and I will send you the password.
Donate via the paypal button below and send an email to letting me know that you have done so and also the format that you require.

The pdf is available for view/download via the following link: guff_guy.pdf, type the password in at the prompt.  It is not yet available in a form optimised for screen reading, please bear with me.

The above button is also available for those of you who may just want to donate directly to GUFF.

On to other business.  Below is a summary of expenditure during my trip and also the current status of the fund. 

   Income Cur. Expenditure Cur. Balance Cur.
Received from previous administrator 2368 £ 2368 £
Australian visa     20.00 A$ 2359.35 £
Flights: Manchester to Perth, return.     660.54 £ 1698.79 £
Flights: Adelaide - New Zealand - Melbourne     379.00 £ 1319.79 £
Flights: Perth - Adelaide     249.39 A$ 1201.71 £
Hotel, New Zealand     595.00 NZ$ 968.11 £
Flight: Melbourne - Perth     361.00 A$ 802.48 £
Correction - conversion artefacts* 0.06 £        
Total remaining in UK fund after the trip         802.54 £

*Total cost does not include misc. amounts from other sources.  The hotel and some other costs were dealt with by the Australian side of the fund and also my parents gave me approx. £500 spending money to cover other costs.  Also not included are many generous donations from Australian fans in the form of transport, dinner etc.

Despite intending to do so quite early on I only opened the dedicated GUFF account in November of 2008.  As a result the exact dates of various cheques received are missing but bookkeeping will be more accurate from now on.  At all times the League of Fan Funds have been kept informed of the status of the fund and also of the costs associated with my trip.

As the current winner, James Shields, is in Ireland and the fund and account are in pounds I am continuing to act as treasurer for the fund.

All amounts are in UK pounds.

  Income Expenditure Balance
Balance after my trip 802.54   802.54
cheque - LFF 200.00 1002.54
cheque - art sale 26.00   1028.54
cheque - LFF 850.00   1878.54
Nov 2008 - voting proceeds 134.00   2012.54
April 2009 - contribution to UK costs of 2009 delegates*   400.00 1612.54
Sales of trip report May- Sept '09 37.66   1650.20
Postage May-Sept '09   5.49 1644.71
Donation - LFF Sept '09 200.00   1844.71
Candidates deposits Nov '09 30.00   1874.71
Votes - Novacon '09 40.00   1914.71
Votes - cheques '10 25.00   1939.71
Votes - paypal and cash Eastercon '10 499.00   2438.71
Registered postage to US for GUFF report.   8.00 2430.71
Flights for James   1170 1260.71
Donation: SCIFI (trip report publication) 325   1585.71
Donation: LFF 600   2185.71
Transfer to James for trip costs.   1508 677.71

*The delegates also received a direct donation from the LFF while at LX. I also extend my thanks to the committee of LX who graciously donated membership and a hotel room.


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