• Mihaela-Marija Perkovic (on behalf of Jukka Halme) (Europe)
  • Donna Maree Hanson (Australia)

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    2018 PLATFORMS

    Marcin Klak

    I am a Polish fan and conrunner who is truly passionate about fandom and conventions. I run a blog about my con journeys at Mihaela Marija Perkovic inspired me to run for GUFF in 2018 and here I am trying to meet the fans from Australia (and hopefully New Zealand). I would like to travel 10,000 miles from Poland to Australia and become a European “fannish ambassador“. I frequently attend various conventions and I would like to exchange experiences with fans from the other side of the globe.
    One small step for the fandom, one giant leap for the Fandom Rover!

    Nominators: Australasia – Gillian Polack, Julia Svaganovic and David Cake
    Europe – Vanessa May and Carolina Gomez Lagerlöf

    Steve and Alice Lawson

    We have been fans since 1974 (Steve) and 1987 (Alice). We both enjoy attending conventions and meeting new people; we even had our honeymoon at an Eastercon. We have served as committee members for over 30 conventions including Eastercons and Worldcons; Alice was co-chair of Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon. We have also each been honoured to receive the Doc Weir Award for our work behind the scenes. We would love the chance to meet more fans from Australasia and see fandom in action down under, and then be able to tell other fans in Europe all about it.

    Nominators: Australasia – Norman Cates and Sue Ann Barber
    Europe – Dave Langford, Claire Brialey and Ang Rosin

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    To be advised sometime after 3 April 2018.
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