• Marcin Klak (Europe)
  • Donna Maree Hanson (Australia)

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    2019 PLATFORMS

    Lynelle Howell (New Zealand)

    Hi, my name is Lynelle Howell and Iím a fan. Iíve been actively involved in fandom for over 20 years at both local and national level. Iíve chaired two natcons, helped set up SFFANZ (the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand). I have administered the Sir Julius Vogel Awards (SJVs) for more than 10 years. Iím currently the FFANZ (Fan Fund of Australia and New Zealand) administrator and am on the Executive for CoNZealand, the 78th worldcon in 2020. Iím running for GUFF as Iím keen to attend more international conventions (including Eurocon and Dublin 2019) and meet new friends

    Nominators: Australasia Ė Norman Cates (NZ), Julian Warner (Aus), Lorain Clark (NZ) and Roman Orszanski (Aus)
    Europe Ė Kylie Ding (UK) and James Shields (Ireland)

    Simon Litten (New Zealand)

    I am a New Zealand fan with 30 years involvement in organised fandom, having helped found and served on the committee of both the local SF club and NZís national SF body SFFANZ. I have helped organise two national SF conventions; and have served on a Hugo awards subcommittee for the ďbest seriesĒ category. I enjoy travelling and meeting fans from other countries. I would be honoured to be the GUFF delegate and to represent antipodean fandom at the Dublin WorldCon.

    Nominators: Australasia Ė Lucy Sussex (Aus), Gillian Polack (Aus) and Ross Temple (NZ)
    Europe Ė Nina Horvath (Austria), Claire Brialey (UK) and Esther MacCallum-Stewart (UK).

    Nicole Murphy (Australia)

    I love conventions! Since joining the committee for Conflux 1 in 2002, Iíve sat on the committee for 9 out of 14 Confluxes (including chairing Conflux 4, co-chairing Conflux 9 and after a break, programming Conflux 14). Additionally, Iíve run a couple of online mini-cons and convened the Aurealis Awards twice. Today Iím employed as a professional conference organiser! I look forward to meeting amazing Dublin Worldcon and Belfast Titancon participants and, in particular, the opportunity of bringing my experience, creativity and Australian sense of humour to GUFF. We will most definitely have a ball!

    Nominators: Australasia Ė Cat Sparks (Aus), Kaaron Warren (Aus) and Rose Mitchell (Aus)
    Europe Ė Jukka Halme (Finland) and Mihaela Marija Perkovic? (Croatia).

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    			AUS/NZ	Europe	USA	Total vote by candidate
    Lynelle Howell		 16	  7		 23
    Simon Litten		  9	 17	 2	 28
    Nicole Murphy		 11	  8	 1	 20
    No Preference			  2		  2
    Hold over				
    Total vote by location	 36	 34	 3	 73
    Nicole Murphy Preferences allocated. 8 votes had no preferences so 12 votes to be allocated				
    Candidate		AUS/NZ 	Europe	USA	total votes
    Simon Litten		 11	 18	 3	 32
    Lynelle Howell		 20	 11		 31

    In the second round Simon Litten received more than 50% of the total number of eligible votes in the race, and was declared the winner of GUFF in 2019.

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  • Ballot (htm format)
  • Ballot (pdf format)
  • Post race Administrators' Report (published by Donna Maree Hanson and Marcin Klak) (htm format)

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