DUFF Results

I am pleased to announce that the winner of the 2011 DUFF race is Dave Cake.

This year we had a healthy number of votes - a total of 148 (with 39 from North America and the rest from Australasia).

For those who like the nitty gritty these are the first preferences:
Hold Over - 1
No Preference - 9
Write In - 1
Dave Cake - 80 (of which 69 are Australian votes and 11 are from North America)
Paula McGrath - 56 (of which 32 are Australian votes and 24 are from North America)

John Herz did a great job of advertising in North America and we got a reasonable lot of votes from North America for an off-year. I think nearly 150 votes is very good, indicating lots of supports for both worthy candidates.

Congratulations to both candidates for running such a good race.

Emma Hawkes
6 June 2011

A couple of days after the announcement the Adminstrators noted that their figures don't add up. Paula McGrath received 57 Votes (of which 33 are Australian votes and 24 are from North America.)

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