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  • Leigh Edmonds (Australia)
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    1979 PLATFORMS

    John Alderson

    With your help this is going to be my first overseas convention. I am a faned and a fan-writer as well as an aspiring author with several published stores to my credit, and I have just finished a novel. Farmer by profession, interested in history, mythology and anthropology. Science fiction just comes naturally though living a long way from Melbourne has cut me off from much fan activity so I am better known by my writings. I am consequently a rural fan, a different, rare and very distinctive breed with a taste for wine and Yorkshire pudding.

    Nominators: Pete Presford, Andrew Darlington, Marc Ortlieb, Lee Harding and Paul Stevens

    John Foyster

    Attended Asutralian SF conventions since 1958: chairman of 1966 and 1971 conventions. Publised many fanzines since 1961 including The Wild Colonial Boy, Satura/The Grython, Exploding Madonna/The Journal of Omphalistic Epistemolgy. Coedited (with Edmonds) Norstrilian News and Boys' Own Fanzine. Guest edited Australian Science Fiction Review and SF Commentary. Member of SAPS (1962-1972), FAPA (1969-1972, 1976-), OMPA (1969), ANZAPA (on and off since 1968). Won Ditmar for best fanzine (1970) and best Australian SF (1973). Initiated DUFF (1972). Twice founded The Nova Mob. When backed into a corner about his SF criticism please guilty but insane. Dislikes motor cars.

    Nominators: Christopher Priest, Peter Nicholls, John Bangsund, Carey Handfield and Robin Johnson

    Eric Lindsay

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This is to certify that Eric B Lindsay is full of GUFF. May he therefore be exiled back to the Old Dart and fed on water and bread as his ancestors were on the reciprocal journay before him. May he, moreover, be held up to Scorn and Ridicule and let his name be an Abomination and an Awful Warning. Here, but for the enlightened law of Transportation, is what Englishmen might have descended to.

    He is guilty of Publishing Fanzines, writing LoCs, attending conventions, forgetting things, putting on conventions, writing articles, talking to fans, forgetting things, reading science fiction, using SR1, collecting books, forgetting things, throwing parties, forgetting things and forgetting things.

    Nominators: Terry Jeeves, Dave Rowe, Ken Ozanne, Keith Curtis and Neville Angrove

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                               First Round	       
                       Australia    UK    Total	
    John Alderson		38	 6	44	 
    John Foyster		57	 8	65    
    Eric Lindsay		 9	 9	18     
    nobody	         	 1	 -	 1     
    		       ---     ---     ---	
    		       105	23     128
    		       ---     ---     ---
    John Foyster achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Guff Fundies 6, edited by Leigh Edmonds


    John's Trip Report Stranger in Stranger Lands (published in 1996) is available at Bill Burns'

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