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  • Karen Pender-Gunn (Australia)

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    2001 PLATFORMS

    Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber

    Secret masters of getting someone else to run a WorldCon after we've successfully bid for it, Eric (Party Animal) and Jean (Project Manager) want to visit UK and other European fans in their native habitats. Jean has never been to the UK, and Eric hasn't visited since 1972. Now retired from the paid workforce, we have lots of time to travel, party, and produce fanzines and websites, but little income to support our habits. You probably know our fanzines Gegenschein and WeberWoman's Wrevenge. Our sf websites are at and and our Australian travel website is at

    Nominators: Eve & John Harvey, Irwin Hirsh, Dave Langford, Perry Middlemiss and Lyn McConchie

    Damien Warman and Juliette Woods

    We've been fans all our adult lives -- even if that is only the last ten years. We've edited fmz, organized relaxacons, run Adelaide's discussion group 'Critical Mass' and have now started the OzMemoryHole. We are eager to expand our fanning interstate and inter-State, strengthening ties within Australia and to Europe. We know that GUFF isn't all real beer and skiffy. We're dead keen to admin -- this is our real chance to make connections. Barring acts of gods, we'll be fun and frolicsome at Paragon and travel hard in search of fans in the UK and on the Continent.

    Nominators: Claire Brialey, John Foyster and Yvonne Rousseau, Roman Orszanski, Marc Ortlieb and Gregory Pickersgill

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                       Australia    UK   Rest of   Total
    First Round
    Warman/Woods 		12	19	 3       34
    Lindsay/Weber 	 	22	17	10	 49
    No Preference		 -	 3 	 1	  4
    		       ---     ---     ---	---
    Total			34   	39 	14	 87
    		       ---     ---     ---	---
    Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Paul Kincaid - European GUFF Administrator
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