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    2007 PLATFORMS

    Lily Chrywenstrom

    Lily joined fandom in 1995, attending her first Swancon and getting involved in UniSFA, the University of Western Australia Science Fiction Association. She has been attending Swancon ever since, with forays to Aussiecon Three; Convergence; Continuum; Borderlands; Conflux; and Fandomedia. Lily edited Fables and Reflections from 2001-2006. In 2003, Fables won a Ditmar Award for Best Australian Fanzine. Her story "Tireki and the Wind" was shortlisted in the Fantasy Short Story category of the 2004 Aurealis Awards. In 2005, she attended Clarion South Writer's Workshop in Brisbane. Her story "Ghosts of 1930" received an honourable mention in the 2006 Aurealis Awards. She has judged the Conflux Short Story Competition. In addition to writing short fiction, Lily also makes sculptures and collage, which have been exhibited in the Swancon and Conflux art shows.

    Ju Whitehead

    Ju Whitehead is a princess of Western Australian fandom, and a veteran of four convention committees: secretary of Swancon 2006, vice-chair of Swancon 2009, and convenor of two Fandmedias. Ju was a Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation board member for 2006 and is continuing on the board for 2007. She organises, arranges, manages, giggles, hugs and grins her way through fannish endeavours, brightening up Western Australian Science Fiction Foundation board meetings and spreading business management theory through the convention-running community. All of Australian fandom will be a brighter place and better organised for the experience of meeting Ju.

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    Ju Whitehead 			30 votes
    Lily Chrywenstrom 		 7 votes
    Hold over funds 		 0 votes
    Total				37
    Ju Whitehead achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

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