VOTING IS NOW OPEN for a DUFF (Down Under Fan Fund) delegate from Australasia to travel to Kansas City, Missouri, USA for the 74th World Science Fiction Convention MidAmericon II August 17-21, 2016.

Deadline for voting is 16 May 2016. Voting form is here.

Notes from administrators:
Although the DUFF administrators had hoped to have a multiple-candidate race this year, circumstances meant that we have a one-candidate race. This situation always causes questions about why a fund runs a race at all with only one candidate.

First, voters always have the option of voting for Hold-Over Funds if they do not favour the standing candidate, or of writing in the name of a different candidate if they believe they know of one. (Note also that the No Preference ballot option enables voters to simply donate to the fund without expressing a candidate preference and is often chosen by some voters even in years with multiple candidates.)

However, the simple answer is that we run a race in order to raise money so that future races can be run. Despite the very generous donations made by DUFF supporters in the past few years - both as direct funds and as items for auction at conventions - sponsored fan fund trips require that the fund have a level of financial stability and a dependable bank balance.

Despite these more practical reasons for this race, we urge you to vote for our one very fine candidate!

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