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    1999 PLATFORMS


    Brilliant, witty, gregarious brunette with tropism for Australians seeks brainy raconeur for (whoops--wrong ad). After 27 years of putting up (with) DUFF, GUFF, and FFANZ winners, I seek reciprocity. Thanks to fandom, I've become an aficionada of far-off places and 'interesting' experiences. I've heard Mongolian rock & roll, dined at Abbey Road Studios and seen Footrot Flats: The Musical. I've eaten Vegemite, on purpose, more than once. Here in New York, I've chaired Corflu, hosted Fanoclasts, written the occasional fanzine. I've even counted 'Australian' ballots, and hope to do so again as DUFF Administrator. I love Australia and want to come back.

    Previous Australasian Travel: I traveled to Australia in 1985 to attend Aussiecon II, and visited fans in Sydney and Melbourne. I also saw the Auckland airport, at great length.

    Nominators: North America -- Lucy Huntzinger, Jerry Kaufman and Suzanne V. Tompkins, Nigel Rowe.
    Australasia -- Eric Lindsay, Perry Middlemiss.


    Having read Nevil Shute's The Legacy at least three times, and having recently seen my first Cadbury Yowie, I'm hoping to get the chance to travel to Australia as a DUFF representative. I've been a con-runner and apahack for *yikes* 20 years and am known for my extensive (and timely!) convention reports. I've enjoyed the company of the Australian fans who've made the trek to North American worldcons, and I'd very much like to meet more Australian fans and see their native habitat. (I promise to try not to coo excessively at the koalas.)

    Previous Australasian Travel: None.

    Nominators: North America -- Mike Glyer, Joe D. Siclari and Edie Stern, Pat and Roger Sims.
    Australasia -- Stephen Boucher, Jean Weber.


    I peer in speculation at dusty pink Australia on an upended library globe. By habit pressed against the globe stand, it avoids the burnishing of fingertips and pencil points that obliterate more familiar provinces and parallels. Deserts are clean pointillist speckles, great bays retain their ragged geometry, mountain ranges drag a thumb in the waters of the chalk-blue sea. What would one traveler from a distant murky forest find in all that sharp landscape? I will go over the long, grimy blue arc of the ocean, into that dim pink unknown, and bring back a story of my habits there.

    Previous Australasian Travel: None

    Nominators: North America -- Victor Gonzalez, Robert Lichtman, Ted White.
    Australasia -- John Foyster, Irwin Hirsh.

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                        Australia	 US    Total
    Lise Eisenberg		 9	 58	 67
    Janice Gelb 		15      154     169
    Andy Hooper		 6 	 76	 82
    Hold Over Funds    	 -        2       2
     - Jeanne Mealy		 -	  1	  1
     - Moshe Feder       	 1        -       1
    No preference      	 -        7       7
    		       ---     ----     ---
    Total			31	298     329
    		       ---     ----     ---
    Janice Gelb achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 118, 23 April 1999, edited by Marc Ortlieb.
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    Janice's Trip Report Janice's Adventures in Down-Underland was published in 2000. Janice's trip photos can be viewed on line.

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