81 voters total (34 for Bill, 46 for Clare, 1 for No Preference) Note that the list includes some North Americans who chose to vote on the Australian side, either because they wanted to direct funds to the Australian side, or in some cases due to expressed frustration with Johns lack of email address. 8 votes were collected in New Zealand. 17 voters paid by Paypal. I have the paper ballots for everyone who filled one out (so excluding some paypal +email voters).

I think there are 2 votes only that weren't either US, Australian or New Zealand (both from the UK), though I haven't double checked that figure.

I have presented all names as filled in on the form. In some cases I may not have it exactly correct, either due to some confusing aspects of how paypal is used, or because some people have absolutely terrible handwriting.

The voters on the Australian side were:
Alan Stewart
Alex Lindsay
Alison Barton
Anna Stone
Anne Devrell
Bill Wright
Bruce Gillespie
Carey Handfield
Carole Jean
Cat Sparks
Cath Ortlieb
Chris Garcia
Chris Nelson
Clare Brialey
Clare McDonald
Craig Hilton
Craig Irvine
Daniel Sullivan
Danny Oz
Darren Maxwell
David Cook
David McDonald
David Russell
Donna Hanson
E Mcleay
Edwina Harvey
Eric Lindsay
Garry Dalrymple
Glen Glazer
Grace Molloy
Graham Storrs
Grant Stone
Grant Watson
Ian Mond
Irwin Hirsh
James Allen
Janice Gelb
Jean Weber
Jeanette tipping-Allen
Jenny Ackroyd
Jenny Hammond
Jo Toon
Jo West-Moore
Joanna Handfield
John Newman
John Samuel
John Toon
Julian Warner
June Young
Justin Ackroyd
Ken Moylan
Kylie Ding
Lewis Morley
Lucy Ackroyd
Lucy Sussex
Mark Plummer
Michael Green
Mihaela Perkovic
Murray Maclachlan
Naomi Fisher
Norman Cates
Patrick Molloy
Paul Ewins
Paula McGrath
Perry Middlemiss
R Mazuran
Richard Harland
Robert Hood
Robert Phillips
Robin Johnson
Rose Mitchell
Ross Temple
Russell Blackford
Simon Litten
Sue Ann Barber
Sue Bursztynski
Susa Batho
Terry Dowling
Thomas Bull
Trevor Clarke
Valerie Parv


Kent Bloom
Ned Brooks
Randy Byers
Jack Calvert
Marty Cantor
Terry Floyd
Steve Francis
Sue Francis
Debora Geisler
Barbara Haddad
Gay Haldeman
Teddy Harvia
John Hertz
Arthur Hlavaty
Andy Hooper
Jim Hudson
Lucy Huntzinger
Jerry Kaufman
Michael Kingsley
Hope Leibowitz
Guy Lillian
Mark Linneman
Linda McInerney
Mike McInerney
Janice Murray
Ulrika O'Brien
John Purcell
Toni Reinhardt
David Rike
Karen Schaffer
Lucy Schmeidler
Pat Sims
Roger Sims
Joy Smith
Randy Smith
Milt Stevens
Steve Stiles
Ian Stockdale
Diana Thayer
Suzanne Tompkins
Tom Veal
Ben Yalow
Joel Zakem


Alan Rosenthal
Curt Phillips
Mike Glyer
John Stanley
Jeanne Mealy
Mark Olsen
Murray Moore
Robert Lichtman

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