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  • John Hertz (North America)
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    2014 PLATFORMS

    AURORA CELESTE (Norristown, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.)

    NA nominators: Warren Buff, Chris Garcia, Jesi Pershing
    ANZ nominators: Norm Cates, Rose Mitchell

    Platform: Costumer and con runner. Currently Vice-President, International Costumers Guild. Involved in running conven-tions from the second one attended, acting as head of guest relations, ops, treasurer, and chair in various years for NaNaKon (4000+ people animé con in Kansas City), programming for Costume-Cons and Worldcons. Kansas City for 2016 Worldcon bid committee. Regretfully Conclave II conflicts with duty as Program Head for Costume- Con XXXII. In copious spare time reading a lot of YA SF/F.

    Added by NA Administrator: Best in Show at last two Worldcon Masquerades (Chicon VII, Lonestarcon III); judges’ clerk at Renovation; Director at Costume-Con XXVIII & XXXI, judge too (no small task that) at XXVIII, MC at XXV; awards at Archon, Arisia, Animé St. Louis. Costume programming for Lonestarcon III. Upon hearing of fanzines promptly contributed to The Drink Tank 358.

    JUANITA COULSON (London, Ohio, U.S.A.)

    NA nominators: Sue & Steve Francis, Joyce & Arnie Katz, Murray Moore
    ANZ nominators: Bruce Gillespie, Paula McGrath

    Platform: Have done fanzines, filksinging, pro writing. Happy to make friends and break stereotypes. Now in London, ready for Melbourne. Love to bring back opal. May illustrate own trip report. Taught Devra Langsam to hand-cut mimeo stencils, kept my styli which make nice kitchen tools. Sang at Old Ship Inn after Regency Dancing at Brighton Worldcon; lucky some Scots who’d heard Filthy Pierre in hotel bar sing unwise verse of ‘God Save the Queen’ arrived then and realized no murder needed. Very fond of rum-pots, crack-pots, and how are you, Mr. Wilson?

    Added by NA Administrator: Big Heart Award. Fan Guest of Honor at Reconstruction. Co-edited Yandro 33 years with late husband Buck; 1 Hugo, 10 nominations. With him Fan GoH at L.A.con I. Brighton trip report in Yandro 250. Filk Hall of Fame; 1 Pegasus, 17 nominations; known as a Den Mother. Helped Bjo Trimble invent Art Shows. Eighteen books, 10 shorter stories.

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    			NA	ANZ	Total
    			--	---	-----
    Aurora Celests	 	18 	  6	  24	
    Juanita Coulson		25	 17	  42
    Hold Over Funds		 -	  -	   -
    No Preference		 6	  -	   6 
    			--	 --	 ---
    			49	 23	  72

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