Paul Weimer wins 2017 DUFF race

by Lucy Huntzinger, March 16, 2017. (Source: The DUFF website.)

Congratulations to Paul Weimer who will travel from the U.S. to visit Australia and New Zealand in June.

There were 21 valid ballots submitted in North America and 19 in Australasia for a total of 40. Paul received 37 first place votes.

Of the 21 North American votes cast, 19 listed Paul Weimer in 1st place, 2 listed Hold Over Funds in 1st place.

Of the 19 Australasian votes cast, 18 listed Paul Weimer in 1st place, 1 listed No Preference in 1st place.

DUFF received two valid ballots with no votes listed and a request to accept the fee included as a donation only. We also received one ballot with no fee submitted; it was disqualified.

The voting fees and donations came to $203.53 AUD and $207.44 USD. The administrators are grateful to everyone to voted and extend special thanks to everyone who gave more than the minimum.

Voters: Alexandra Pierce, Sam Hawke, Tehani Croft, Kirstyn McDermott, Michelle Goldsmith, Jennifer Bagley, Timothy Walker, Jean Weber, Eric Lindsay, Anne Lyle, Catherine Lundoff, Carey Handfield, Gillian Polack, Helen Lowe, Andrew Robins, Amanda Bridgeman, Simon Litten, June Young, Irwin Hirsh, Martha Wilson, Murray Moore, [name redacted], Michael Kennedy, Curt Phillips, David Axler, Alis Rasmussen, Bart Patton, Steven Silver, R. Laurraine Tutihasi, Courtney Schafer, Donna Marie Hanson, Joel Zakem, Sarah Olsen, Jackie McKown, Dave Robison, Nina Horvath, Naomi Fisher, Patrick Molloy, Grace Molloy, Mark Linneman. Donations received from Janice Gelb and John Hertz.

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by Lucy Huntzinger, March 16, 2017. (Source: Unofficial Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) Facebook page.)

I would like to add that I am very grateful to everyone who assisted me with the fan fun auctions at the Worldcons I was unable to attend while acting as North American DUFF Administrator. DUFF received generous donations for the auction, got some great press and took in an impressive amount of money thanks to everyone who gave their time and effort to ensure the auctions took place and attended them, bidding with enthusiasm. I am also grateful to Jean Weber who creates and manages the online ballot site and the PayPal links, to Tom Becker who scored some fine books and fanzines from Art Widner's collection, and to Curt Phillips who worked tirelessly to help me find crash space and fans for Clare McDonald-Sims to meet on her DUFF trip last year. None of this happens without the goodwill and contributions from fandom around the world.

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