As published by Gillian Polack in April 2017
NB: all addresses, links, etc, could well be out of date.

GUFF Announcement

Great Balls of GUFF The GUFF administrators are very pleased to announce that Donna Maree Hanson will be the 2017 GUFF Delegate. She will represent Australasia at WORLDCON 75, the 75th Annual World Science Fiction Convention (

The voting this year was undertaken in Canberra, which was very appropriate given that GUFF (like some other fanfunds) uses an Australian-style preferential voting system. All public-service-speak in this announcement is therefore the fault of Gillian Polack, whose past flooded back the moment votes started to appear. This is why there are more lines of notes on the numbers than there are lines of numbers. We apologise for letting Gillian write up the election. It will not happen again.

Summary of Vote Count, GUFF 2017:
Total number of eligible voters: 62

            Hanson  Hawke  McQuattie  Pierce  Holdover  Writein  No preference  Total
1st Round     25      6        10       16        0         1          4          62
2nd Round     26      6        10       16                                        58
3rd Round     30               10       16                                        56
4th round     33                        18                                        51
In the fourth round Hanson received more than 50% of the total number of eligible votes in the race. Donna Maree Hanson is therefore the winner of GUFF in 2017.

Notes: One write in vote was received, for Davina Watson.

The number of voters diminishes over the race as some voters did not give more than one or two preferences. The change in numbers of eligible voters did not affect the final result.
2nd Round - write in preferences distributed
3rd Round - Hawke preferences distributed
4th round - McQuattie preferences distributed

The Admin team would like to thank all the candidates for an excellent campaign. We hope that Sam and Belle and Alex will consider running again, for they were outstanding candidates.

This election was notable for the interest from three continents both inside and outside the English-speaking world. We regard this as a wonderful indication of what fan funds are and how they bring fans together.

We would like to thank all the fans who participated and helped, in all the various ways. Some people deserve extra gratitude: Jean Hollis Weber, Claire Brialey, Carey Handfield, Kylie Ding and James Shields. More than anyone, Mihaela Marija Perkovic deserves thanks for this campaign: she had officially retired from GUFF admin and volunteered to represent Jukka Halme while Jukka took on the responsibilities of running a worldcon. It was very much appreciated!


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