As published by Marcin Klak in April 2020.

Outcome of the 2020 GUFF Race

Press Release 17th April 2020

Outcome of the 2020 GUFF Race.

It is our pleasure to announce the results of the GUFF 2020 race.

The winner of the race and the new delegate is Alison Scott whom we would like to congratulate.

The current GUFF administrators would like to thank the other candidates and all those who voted in the race.

We would also like to thank Claire Brialey who helped us with many things.

Considering the current global situation and in consultation with the GUFF candidates and CoNZealand the GUFF delegate will participate remotely in CoNZealand (29th July 2nd August). Once it is possible and safe to travel again the GUFF trip will be organised.

Please find below some information about the race results:
- 102 valid votes were received
- 5 invalid votes were received (these were missing the voting contribution, additionally one voter claimed he didn't vote)
- Two fans provided the contribution but not the vote
- As one candidate withdrew from the race because of the current global situation ballots cast for them were allocated to the second preference

- In total contributions were the following (before PayPal claiming their fees):
210 AUD
310 EUR
558.95 GBP
82.32 NZD

- There were voters from 12 countries:
Australia - 17
Belgium - 1
Finland - 7
Germany - 2
Greece - 1
Ireland - 3
Netherlands - 2
New Zealand - 2
Spain - 1
Sweden - 6
UK - 48
USA - 12

All the best
Marcin "Alqua" Klak


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