The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin

Issue 6 ~ 21 May 2004

Adapted from the Listserv edition - Special Auction Update!
Published by Arnie & Joyce Katz
Special Thanks to: Robert Lichtman & Earl Kemp

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Take It Away, Mr. Lichtman!

The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund continues to make great strides toward the goal of getting Bruce Gillespie to Corflu and Potlatch in San Francisco in late February-early March, 2005.

The auction is one of the best ways to reach our goal, so let me turn it over to Robert Lichtman who has plenty of auction goodies with which to tempt you.

Auction Update - Latest Bids, New Items

There are a dozen new items this week. But first, here's a list of the latest high bids received on the first batch of items previously offered.

A1 - [2] - Contrary Modes - Robin Johnson $28

A2 - [**] - A set of two hardcover Stephen King books, Desperation and The Regulators, along with a free "keep you up all night" book light. New lower minimum bid: $10.

A3 - [2] - Complete ConJose membership package - Irwin Hirsh $5
B1 - [3] - Directory of 1960 SF Fandom - Eric Davin $10
B2 - [2] - Triode No. 19 - Robin Johnson $7
B3 - [3] - Warhoon No. 12 - rich brown $20
B4 - [3] - Warhoon No. 17 - Peter Weston $30
B5 - [2] - Redd Boggs Selected Works Volume One - Rich Coad $15
B6 - [2] - Sky Hook No. 9 - Rich Coad $18
B7 - [3] - Sky Hook No. 16 - Larry Bigman $44
B8 - [2] - Sky Hook No. 17 - Peter Weston $25
B9 - [2] - Skyhook No. 22 - Peter Weston $25
B10 -[2] - Skyhook No. 23 - Damien Warman $25

And now the new items: Besides his major titles such as Sky Hook, Redd Boggs produced a wide variety of titles over his many decades in fandom. Here are a number of "Boggs Bundles" for your delectation. Their entire contents are by Redd unless otherwise noted:

B11 - [N] - Boggs Bundle No. 1. Consists of: Bete Noire No. 21, Autumn 1970, 6 pages, featuring "My Thirty Years in Fandom-and How They Flew." The Nehwon Review No. 2, March 1964, 4 pages, in which Redd dissembles on the FAPA blackball procedure and how it came to be, discussing the cases of Edgar Allen Martin, George Wetzel and Walter Breen; Redd is not in favor of the blackball. We Remember Terry Carr, May 1987, 4 pages, a memorial essay on the then newly deceased Terry Carr including Redd's account of the memorial service held in Berkeley's Tilden Park. And finally, Elmer Perdue 1917-1989, 1 page, a letter in memory of Elmer by Barbara Harmon (wife of Jim Harmon). Minimum bid: $5.

B12 - [N] - Boggs Bundle No. 2. Includes: The Ragabash Papers No. 1, August 1987, 11 pages. Front cover by Bjo, back cover a poem ("Belled Cat") by Virginia Kidd. All but a few pages of this issue are devoted to Redd's "The Beast on My Doorstep," an essay about a cat that followed him and his wife Gretchen home one day. O Pioneers! Early Fapans and Their Fanzines (aka Ragabash Papers No. 2), August 1991, 7 pages. A fascinating essay discussing some of the more prominent and interesting of FAPA's early members in detail. And Scintillas from World's End No. 1, August 1982, 10 pages, a mini-Quotebook of entries from a pocket notebook Redd carried with him-97 entries ranging far and wide, short and long. Minimum bid: $5.

B13 - [N] - Boggs Bundle No. 3. Contents: Famous Fantastic Mouse Stories Nos. 1 to 3 (all published), 1995 & 1996, 1, 2 & 3 pages respectively. No. 1 has a short-short, "The Martian Crocodiles," No. 2 an account of a visit to Redd from God under the title "Vinmar Almighty," and No. 3 a whimsical short story, "Wrong-Way Walford." Gafia Press Register Part One, Summer 1983, 2 pages, a bibliographic listing of his fanzines published between early 1964 and early 1969. Good Advice, July 1983, 2 pages, five short and pithy poems. The Hornpipe Series Nos. 1 to 3 (all published), 1986 & 1987, 8, 4 & 8 half-legalength pages respectively. No. 1 contains a short story, "The Postcard Mimeograph." No. 2 consists of "Under the Azalea," a pastoral/garden essay. No. 3 is "The House of the Hidden Poet," an essay about walking in Berkeley after dark and what Redd encountered one evening. I Am Legend, Summer 1980, 8 pages, a series of short essays on subjects such as Berkeley's Barrington Hall (a visit thereto), a visit from Leland Sapiro, seeing a bunch of old Greta Garbo films, old-time barber shops, Coca-Cola and ecology, his curmudgeonly ways, buying tires at Sears, and more. Old & Rare No. 2, Summer 1962, 7 pages, cover by John Grossman. Besides two pages by Redd, there's "An Art, A Game, A Recreation," a whimsical essay on sex by "A Smith named George," and "Monsters of the Void," a sexy story by old-time fan Arden "Bunce" Benson. And finally, The Unterrified Democrat, December 1982, 1 page, essentially a CoA notice with thanks to all those who helped him move. Minimum bid: $7.

B14 - [N] - A batch of Alan Bostick's perzine, Fast & Loose, consisting of issues 1-7 inclusive (4, 4, 6, 4, 6, 8 & 12 pages respectively). These were published from late 1979 through mid-1980. Bostick writes on a wide variety of subjects and is pretty interesting all around, and there are letters from the likes of Terry Hughes, Lee Hoffman, Bob Tucker, Chris Couch, Mike Glicksohn, Ted White, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Bob Shaw, Avedon Carol, William Gibson, Ray Nelson and many others. There are also several Ted White "Uffish Thots" columns and a "Writhings" column by Richard Bergeron. Minimum bid: $5.

B15 - [N] - Outworlds No. 19, "First Quarter 1974," edited and published by Bill Bowers, 44 litho pages. Jam-packed issue with contributions from Susan (Wood) Glicksohn, Poul Anderson, Robert "Doc" Lowndes, Andrew Offutt, Jodie Offutt, Bill Wolfenbarger, and a Terry Carr "Entropy Reprint" column with short pieces by Henry Kuttner, Ray Bradbury and Forry Ackerman. There's also a "Thots While Snow Shoveling" column by Ted White, an open letter to Ted White from Piers Anthony, and an article by Anthony as well. There are letters from Mike Glyer, Mike Glicksohn (several), Jerry Kaufman, Harry Warner Jr., George Flynn and others, and a letter exchange between Piers Anthony and Jerry Pournelle. Between and around all the words is artwork from Grant Canfield (front cover and a small folio, plus a two-page comic strip done with Jay Kinney), Derek Carter, Freff, Mike Gilbert, Dan Steffan and others. Minimum bid: $7.

B16 - [N] - Burblings for May 1951, edited by Charles Burbee, 8 pages, "The Bible of the Insurgent Element." One-page introductory article by Burbee plus his "Two Separate People" article ("'Les and Es Cole are fifteen year old twin brothers,' said F. Towner Laney to me not long ago"). There's also Rick Sneary's "An Outlander at an Insurgent Meeting" and Laney's "A Fabulous Burbee-Like Character." Minimum bid: $5.

B17 - [N] - Burblings C/w Elmurmurings No. 2, February 1957, 11 pages, leads off with two pages by Burbee, "Thoughts While Repairing Piano Rolls," a melange of short, pithy anecdotes. The rest of the issue is by Elmer Perdue and wanders Elmer-like through such subjects as when he first heard of fandom and how he got involved, a meeting with the police chief of Los Angeles who tries to recruit Elmer, a co-worker's injuries and recovery, Esperanto, Disneyland, recent print acquisitions, and more. Minimum bid: $5.

B18 - [N] - a Burbee Bundle consisting of: Burblings No. 1 "New Series," November 1976, 4 pages, consisting of a series of Elmer Perdue anecdotes. Burblings for "February 1892 or February 1982, whichever is later," 4 pages, which includes a Harry Andruschak anecdote, a Laney anecdote and a Stan Woolston anecdote. Burblings for February 1986, 10 pages, half of which are "Bob-O the Land Whale Coloring Book," a comic strip by Burbee's son, John. Burbee's writing includes "I Was Sitting There Dying," about giving a presentation at a LosCon, the disappearance of Stan Woolston, and some miscellaneous anecdotes. And finally, The Man from FAPA No. 1, May 1977, 5 pages, a stream of consciousness series of anecdotes about FAPA and Elmer Perdue. Minimum bid: $5.

B19 - [N] - The Incompleat Burbee. This is the reprint edition produced in 1991 by Arnie & Joyce Katz and runs 68 pages, including everything in the original 1958 edition but re-typeset and with the addition of new illustrations by the likes of ATom, Rotsler, Bill Kunkel, Brad Foster and others. Minimum bid: $5.

C1- [N] - Terry Carr Group No. 1. Six issues of Diaspar, Terry's FAPAzine: No. 17, November 1975, 11 pages, contains Brian Aldiss's play, "The Doppelganger Ark," Bob Shaw's article, "Prediction or Predilection?" and a several-page editorial column. Artwork by Rotsler and ATom. No. 19, November 1977, 12 pages, is devoted entirely to Terry's detailed account of SunCon, the 1977 Worldcon held in Miami Beach, with artwork by ATom, Rotsler and Sidney Coleman. No. 21, November 1979, 21 pages, with front and rear covers by Rotsler, is an even longer account of Seacon, the 1979 Brighton Worldcon. No. 22, June 1981, 37 pages, with Rotsler art everywhere, contains "The Curious Incident about Piltdown" by James Sackett (a UCLA anthropology professor-this piece is a Holmesian spoof on a fabulous anthropological discovery), "What Love Was Like," a long poem by Melisa Michaels, and "Passion," an interesting short story about a man and his car. No. 23, February 1985, 12 pages, is mostly devoted to Terry's account of the second Corflu, held in Napa, California. Carol Carr is also present with "The Which or That Show" and "Hewlett-Packard Laser Printer: A Berkeley Experience." And finally, No. 24, August 1986, 9 pages, with three pieces by Terry: a short editorial, "A Proud and Lonely Thing" (short faan fiction) and "I Was A Teenage WereWolfe," about writers' group experiences. Minimum bid: $10.

C2 - [N] - Innuendo No. 9, June 1959, 62 pages. A six-page editorial recounting a Kris Neville sermon, how people don't believe that Carl Brandon doesn't exist, a Burbee story, and more. There's also a long installment of Ron Bennett's TAFF report, the part covering South Gate in '58 itself; the second installment of Carl Brandon's "On The Road"; "Coming Back from the Clevention," part of Bill Donaho's "Adventures in Fandom" series; a "Letter to Carl Brandon" from Robert Bloch; a Harry Warner Jr. "All Our Yesterdays" column on Don Brazier's early '40s fanzine, FRONTIER; and a long lettercol with contributors including Walt Willis, Ted White, Ted Pauls, F. M. Busby, Len Moffatt, Bob Pavlat, Dick Ellington and others (even including me). Cover by Bjo, bacover by Rotsler, interiors by ATom, Bjo, Ray Nelson and Rotsler. Minimum bid: $20.

C3 - [N] - Innuendo No. 10, December 1959, 97 pages. This is the third INNISH and features a spectacular list of contributors: Walt Willis, Robert Bloch ("The Return of Lefty Feep"), Dick Eney ("The Detention Revisited," humorously captioned photos), Ted White, Dean Grennell, Bruce Pelz, Carl Brandon ("On The Road" part 3), Harry Warner Jr. ("All Our Yesterdays" on The Immortal Storm), Bob Leman ("The Fan's Mother Goose,"), Bill Donaho ("The Gay Village" another installment of "Adventures in Fandom"), Ray Nelson, Art Rapp (some "not-poetry"), and "Fandom: Sick Sick Sick," cartoons by Trina, George Metzger and Dave Rike). Another long lettercol with Gregg Calkins, Rick Sneary, Mal Ashworth, Bruce Pelz, Sid Birchby, Bhob Stewart, Archie Mercer, Esmond Adams, Tom Condit, Alan Dodd, Bob Tucker, John Koning, Boyd Raeburn, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jim Caughran, me, and many, many others. Cover by ATom, bacover by Trina, interior art by ATom, Bjo, Metzger, Nelson, Rike, Rotsler and Trina. Minimum bid: $25.

More Terry Carr fanzines in the next round.

THE RULES: Bids for items listed should be sent to the auctioneer, Robert Lichtman, at the following e-mail address: The conduct of this auction follows the Bowers Rules, set forth in BBB Bulletin No. 4, to which you are referred if unfamiliar with them. Lack of space precludes their being reprinted here.

Coming Next Week:

In the next issue of The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin, we'll have an update on donations, news of the Bruce Gillespie anthology and as much news as we can invent.

See you all then.

- Arnie Katz

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