The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin

Issue 7 ~ 28 May 2004

Adapted from the Listserv edition
Published by Arnie & Joyce Katz
Special Thanks to: Robert Lichtman & Earl Kemp

Also available in a PDF format

Seven Issues. That's Not Too Many

The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund has made enormous progress since we distributed the first issue of the Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin less than two months ago. And why not? Getting Bruce Gillespie to Corflu and Potlatch in late February-early March 2005 is a cause that has fired up all of fandom.

Co-chairman Joyce Worley continues to convalesce in Yucaipa, CA, as a guest of the Formans and Wilsons, but she is staying right on top of the finances. You'll find the new total below.

A Bundle From Britain

Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer are the latest additions to the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund team. (No, we don't have uniforms. Yet.) Not only did the UK's number-one fan couple make a donation that put them into the One-Percenter Club, but they have agreed to become the fund's British agents.

So Britfen who've been waiting for the right moment to show that their solidarity with American and Australian fandom, can send their contributions to Claire and Mark. Their mailing address is:
14 Northway Rd
Surrey CR0 6JE
United Kingdom

The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie

The Bruce Gillespie anthology continues to take shape under the capable direction of Irwin Hirsh. Here's his advance look at the volume:

The contents selection for The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie is almost, er, complete. The confirmed articles are:
  • The Elder Ghods, the Johnny Come Lately, and the Babes in Arms
  • The Lark Ascended: Roger Weddall 1956-1992
  • The Non-Science Fiction Novels of Philip K. Dick (1928-82)
  • Trains in a Distance
  • Waiting for Roy Orbison
  • When We're Arriving

    Incompleat will have a great Ditmar cover, photos, and, I've been assured, some staples.

    The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund has received a grant from Victorian Science Fiction Conventions Inc. to assist in the production costs of The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie. VSFC is the body that ran Aussiecon Three, and Bruce was the convention's Fan Guest of Honour. The VSFC Committee view their grant as an appropriate use of the surplus generated from the convention and are honoured and proud to be associated with the publication of Incompleat.

    - Irwin Hirsh

  • The Wright Stuff

    Bill Wright, our Australian Administrator, filed this update:
    Bill Burns has placed on fifty-four issues of Scratch Pad, a wholly new efanzine in .PDF format, based on all the non-mailing comments sections of Bruce Gillespie's apazines since 1991. The whole comes to 400,000 words, with quite a few contributions by Bruce and other luminaries in our small corner of the literary firmament. There are lots of Ditmar graphics, many of them in colour.

    No doubt dazzled by the prospect of banishing Bruce bayside, albeit only for a week or so, Mark Loney, treasurer of Conflux, the 43rd Aussie Natcon held over Anzac weekend April 16-18, 2004, sent in a donation of $AUS500.00. Mark says, "The decision to donate $500 to the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund was made by the Conflux committee when it met on 16 May. At that meeting, the committee considered how best to use the Conflux surplus for 'the benefit of Australian fandom generally,' as required by the Constitution of the Australian National Science Fiction Convention.

    - Bill Wright

    Auction Round 3: Bid Report

    Robert Lichtman brings everybody up to date on the progress of the BBB Auction. Lots of good stuff here - and the prices are still fairly reasonable.

    Below are the high bids received on auction items as we go to press on this latest issue of the Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin. I'm rather surprised that a number of items haven't yet received bids and hope fanzine-collecting supporters of this effort to bring Bruce Gillespie to America next year will regard this as an opportunity to perhaps pick up some choice material on the cheap. Please also note that the [1] in front of some items means that unless another bid is received within the next week those items will go to the listed high bidder. C'mon, high rollers, don't you really want it/them for yourselves?!

    A1 - [1] - Contrary Modes - Robin Johnson $28

    A2 - [**] - A set of two hardcover Stephen King books, Desperation and The Regulators, along with a free "keep you up all night" book light. New lower minimum bid: $10.

    A3 - [1] - Membership package for ConJose consisting of the program book, pocket program, unused neck hanging pouch-like badge holder, and a restaurant guide to San Jose. All in mint condition. - Irwin Hirsh $5

    B1 - [2] - The Directory of 1960 SF Fandom - Eric Davin $10
    B2 - [1] - Triode No. 19 - Robin Johnson $7
    B3 - [2] - Warhoon No. 12 - rich brown $20
    B4 - [2] - Warhoon No. 17 - Peter Weston $30
    B5 - [1] - Redd Boggs Selected Works, Volume One - Rich Coad $15
    B6 - [1] - Sky Hook No. 9 - Rich Coad $18
    B7 - [2] - Sky Hook No. 16 - Larry Bigman $44
    B8 - [1] - Sky Hook No. 17 - Peter Weston $25
    B9 - [1] - Skyhook No. 22 - Peter Weston $25
    B10 - [1] - Skyhook No. 23 - Damien Warman $25
    B11 - [**] - Boggs Bundle No. 1. Four items. Minimum bid: $5
    B12 - [**] - Boggs Bundle No. 2. Three items. Minimum bid: $5
    B13 - [**] - Boggs Bundle No. 3. Eleven items. Minimum bid: $7

    B14 - [**] - The first seven of nine issues of Alan Bostick's perzine, Fast & Loose. Minimum bid: $5.

    B15 - [3] - Outworlds No. 19 - Peter Halacz $7
    B16 - [3] - Burblings for May 1951 - rich brown $7
    B17 - [3] - Burblings c/w Elmurmurings No. 2 - rich brown $7
    B18 - [**] - Burbee Bundle. Four items. Minimum bid: $5
    B19 - [3] - The Incompleat Burbee - Alexander Yudenitsch $11
    C1 - [3] - Terry Carr Group No. 1 - Peter Weston $25
    C2 - [**] - Innuendo No. 9. Minimum bid: $20
    C3 - [3] - Innuendo No. 10 - Michael Waite $50

    For complete descriptions of the items above, please see BBB Bulletin No. 4 (for A1 to B10) and BBB Bulletin No. 6 (for the others). Auction rules also appear in those issues. More new items will be listed next issue.

    How to Send the Money:

    We'll take your money in just about any form, but some ways are easier.

    Contributions from outside the USA should be sent in American funds, if possible. Otherwise, we'll incur some fees - but we'll happily accept what is left!

    Make checks payable to: Joyce M. Katz (PMB 152, 330 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107).

    The Bottom Line

    All of this effort comes down to one thing: money. Here are the latest contributors:

    25. Claire Brialey
    26. Mark Plummer
    27. Roger & Pat Sims
    28. Arthur Hlavaty
    29. Jerry Kaufman
    30. Yvonne Rousseau
    31. Charles Taylor
    32. John Newman

    The fund's current balance is $1,855, figured in US dollars. Australian fandom has contributed a whopping $910 in US funds. That's an incredible show of support and a great credit to both Bruce and his native fandom.

    See you all next week with more news about the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund.

    - Arnie Katz, Las Vegas, NV

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