The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin

Issue 10 ~ 23 June 2004

Adapted from the Listserv edition
Published by Arnie Katz & Joyce Katz
Special Thanks to: Robert Lichtman & Earl Kemp

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A Milestone Achieved!

With the incredible cooperation of all of fandom, the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund has reached a major milestone in what looks to be record time. You'll find the accounting details elsewhere in this issue, but the important thing is that we have met our minimum goal of $2,500! That means we can stop worrying about "if" and turn more attention to "when" Bruce Gillespie comes to Corflu and Potlatch in San Francisco at the end of February-early March 2005. Our fundraising work is not done, but let's all take a moment to congratulate each other on a project that shows what fans can do when empowered by a good idea.

Several sources put us over the top. Our newly opened PayPal account is drawing well and The Incomplete Bruce Gillespie sold 21 copies when it debuted at Continuum in Melbourne, Australia.

I said our work is not done and it isn't. We are now ready to buy the round trip ticket and handle the basic expenses like Bruce's rooms at the two cons. But I'm sure that we all want Bruce to enjoy this epic journey to the fullest - and that's going to take a bit more money for things like lodging before, after and between the cons, meals, side trips and so on.

So this is a time to celebrate, but not to stop. If you haven't contributed to the BBB Fund, now would be a good time to do so. And whether you have donated or not, check out the terrific stuff in the auction and The Incomplete Bruce Gillespie.

Full Auction Update! More Winners! More New Items!

A few more winners have surfaced this week: Peter Halacz gets B15, Outworlds No. 19, for $7; rich brown wins B16, Burblings for May 1951, and B17, Burblings c/w Elmurmurings No. 2, for $7 apiece; Alexander Yudenitsch takes B19, The Incompleat Burbee (Katz edition), for $11; and Peter Weston scores C1, Terry Carr Group No. 1, for $25. As before, you can claim your prizes now or let them stack up and settle at any time. And please note that the Paypal option is available for winners to turn over their cash-see elsewhere in this issue for details-but please contact Robert Lichtman first (at so that shipping charges can be added to your total.

Here are the current high bids:

A2 - [2] - Stephen King books, Desperation and The Regulators, with "keep you up all night" book light - Robin Phillips $15

The "Don Elliott"/Agberg paperbacks:
A4 - [2] - Lust Set - Earl Kemp $20
A5 - [2] - Sex Jungle - Earl Kemp $20
A6 - [2] - Sin Cruise - Earl Kemp $20
A7 - [2] - Summertime Affair - Earl Kemp $20

B5 - [2] - Redd Boggs Selected Works, Volume One - Al Tonik $20
B11 - [3] - Boggs Bundle No. 1 - Kim Huett $8
B12 - [3] - Boggs Bundle No. 2 - Kim Huett $8
B13 - [2] - Boggs Bundle No. 3 - Bill Bowers $7
B14 - [3] - The first seven of nine issues of Alan Bostick's perzine, Fast & Loose - Kim Huett $12
B18 - [1] - Burbee Bundle. Four items - Robin Johnson $7
B20 - [2] - The Goon Goes West - Nigel Rowe $35
C2 - [1] - Innuendo No. 9 - Robin Johnson $25
C3 - [1] - Innuendo No. 10 - Michael Waite $50
C4 - [3] - Fanac No. 34 (The Fannish) - Damien Warman $25
C5 - [2] - Fannish III - Nigel Rowe $20
C6 - [2] - Terry Carr Group No. 2 - Mike Glicksohn $40

And now for the new stuff:

B21 - [N] - The Double:Bill Symposium, edited by Bill Bowers and Bill Mallardi (and donated by Bowers), aka Double:Bill No. 21, 1969, 116 pages. This contains 94 responses to "A Questionnaire for Professional Science Fiction Writers and Editors" created by Lloyd Biggle Jr. Participants are too numerous to list here-everyone from Brian Aldiss to Roger Zelazny. The donor asks me to point out that this particular copy is trimmed a little tighter than most; I compared it to my own and find it's an eighth-inch narrower. No text is compromised. Many of these have sold in recent months on eBay for over $100. Minimum bid: $25.

B22 - [N] - The Gafiate's Intelligencer, May 1973, 6 pages, a oneshot with contributions from John D. Berry, Colleen Brown, rich brown, Terry Hughes and Ted White. Donated by Mike McInerney. Heading cartoon by Berry, writing a melange from the above-named. "This fanzine will be published whenever a gafiate walks," proclaims the colophon, and indeed there were more issues after this first one. Minimum bid: $1.

C7 - [N] - Kratophany No. 3, April 1973, edited by Eli Cohen, 30 pages. Donated by Mike McInerney, who describes it: "Full page cover by Steve Stiles showing a vampire in a cave holding a male victim who is saying 'Merde, I said, Monsieur, and Merde is What I Meant.' Contents: Editorial 'Chonhyfur' by Eli; 'Life With Uncle' by David Emerson, which is stories about a stint in the Army; 'Avocado Abstracts: FTL' by Eli, which is science stuff about Faster Than Light; 'The Adventures Of Grayson Greensward' by Yarik P. Thrip, which is a fan fiction sorta Feghoot thing; 'Wendy & The Yellow King,' part 3, drawn by Judy Mitchell, written by Mike Mason, which is a 6-page kinda psychedelic free-form comic strip-very nice indeed; reminds me of Little Nemo In Slumberland or some of the better underground comics of the late '60s; and 10-page letter column. Spot art by Vincent Di Fate, Andy Porter, Grant Canfield, Sheryl Birkhead, Alexis Gilliland and others." Minimum bid: $

C8 - [N] - Cipher No. 7, February 1973, edited by Chris Couch, 32 pages. Donated by Mike McInerney. This is the first annish with an abstract cover by Jay Kinney and back cover by Doug Lovenstein. Interior artwork by Vincent Di Fate, Bill Kunkel (many appearances), Lovenstein and Steve Stiles. Besides Chris's editorial, there's an "Entropy Reprint" from Terry Carr, who introduces "Reflections While Falling Backwards in a Swivel Chair," a classic piece by "Carlton J. Fassbeinder" (aka T. Bruce Yerke), a one-page comic strip by Stiles, Harry Warner Jr. on "Why I Will Not Found Old TV Fandom," Arnie Katz with "The Non-Linear Convention," Doug Lovenstein's "Clip Job" (adventures buying a roach clip in Appalachia), and a 10-page letter column featuring Terry Carr, Ted White, Sandra Meisel, Harry Warner Jr., Rick Sneary, Mike Glicksohn, Terry Hughes and many others. Minimum bid: $5.

G1 - [N] - The Metaphysical Review No. 1, October 1969. 21 quarto pages. Donated by Irwin Hirsh. This is from Bruce's first series of TMR, when he used the title for his ANZAPAzines. In this issue Bruce has a long article about criticism and Joseph Conrad's Nostromo and extensive mailing comments, and there's a short article from Bernie Bernhouse. Minimum bid: $7.

G2 - [N] - *brg* No. 2, June 1991, 8 A4 pages. Donated by Irwin Hirsh. In this issue of his ANZAPAzine, Bruce describes his early passions of music and making lists, and how he used to collect and chart the music hit parades of the early '60s. Minimum bid: $3.

G3 - [N] - The Iron Law of Bureaucracy, by Alexis Gilliland, Loompanic Books, 1979, 116 pages. Donated by Bruce Townley. This is Gilliland's first cartoon collection, with an introduction by William Rotsler. Given the title, the subject matter of the cartoons eerily presages Dilbert. Only one copy of this appears on the book search engines and it's $50. Minimum bid: $15.

J1 - [N] - Barnaby, by Crockett Johnson, Blue Ribbon Books (NY), 1943, 361 pages, no dust jacket. Donated by Mike McInerney, who reports "a few stains (coffee?) on the cover but complete and in fairly good shape." To quote one of the search engine listings for this: "The highly-esteemed comic-strip adventures of Barnaby and his fairy Godfather, Mr. O'Malley." Copies of this first edition range in price from $20 to $325 on ABE. Minimum bid: $10.

M1 - [N] - Ouija No. 1, July 1972, edited by Mike McInerney and Brad Balfour, 28 pages. Donated by Mike McInerney. Litho covers-front by Ron Miller, rear by Jay Kinney (a comic strip, "Support Your Local Police"). Besides the editors, contributors include Arnie Katz, Gary Deindorfer (a long story, "Big Time Dealers") and Joel Zakem. Also included with Ouija: Gak!, a 6-page letter column for Conglomeration No. 6, a fanzine that never saw the light of day, and A Collection of Fan Cartoonists, a 5-page litho supplement containing "Trails & Tribulations," a serial cartoon with more than twenty contributors including Ken Fletcher, Jay Kinney, Tom Foster, Tim Kirk, Bhob Stewart, Steve Stiles, Berni Wrightson, Greg Bear, Bjo Trimble, Jack Gaughan, Eddie Jones, Mike Gilbert, Vaughn Bode and many others. Minimum bid: $7.

M2 - [N] - Ouija No. 2, August 1972, edited by Mike McInerney and Brad Balfour, 19 pages. Donated by Mike McInerney. Contributors besides the editors include Ken Beale (a Westercon report) and Gary Deindorfer ("Some Instructions for Neodruggies from an Old Time Highly Evolved Head"). Letter column includes J. R. Christopher, Laurence Janifer, Don Fitch and others. Artwork by Brad Balfour, John D. Berry, Grant Canfield, Bill Kunkel, William Rotsler and others. Minimum bid: $5.

W1 - [N] - Master of the Macabre No. 1, June 1983, by Berni Wrightson, Pacific Comics (San Diego), 36 full-color pages and in near-new condition. Donated by Bruce Townley. Wrightson (the creator of Swamp Thing) writes and draws these beautifully-executed and lushly-printed horror comics. This issue contains "The Muck Monster," "The Pepper Lake Monster" and Poe's "The Black Cat." Minimum bid: $5.

W2 - [N] - Master of the Macabre No. 1, August 1983, also by Berni Wrightson, 36 pages and also in near-new condition. Donated by Bruce Townley. In this issue Wrightson presents "Jenifer," Lovecraft's "Cool Air," "The Laughing Man" and "Clarice." Minimum bid: $5.

Please place bids by e-mail at More updates and perhaps more winners next week!

How to Send the Money:

We'll take your money in just about any form, but some ways are easier.

Contributions from outside the USA should be sent in American funds, if possible. Otherwise, we'll incur some fees - but we'll happily accept what's left!

Make checks payable to: Joyce M. Katz (PMB 152, 330 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107).

PayPal Donations Can Now Be Made!

Here's how:
  Go to
  Choose "Send Money" and "American Funds."
  Mark it for "other" (BBB Fund).
  Send donation to:

Please send Joyce a note saying that you've sent the donation via PayPal, and she'll check the account to see when it arrives.

The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie

Thanks to stalwart work by Irwin Hirsh, ably assisted by Bill Wright and Bruce himself, The Incomplete Bruce Gillespie is published and ready for your edification and delight.

The 40-page compendium features some of Bruce's best personal, stfnal and fannish writings and is profusely illustrated and beautifully printed. While the leather-bound version is not yet available, you can order the lovely one we have for $10 (cheap).

Send your orders to either Joyce Katz or Bill Wright (contact info below) and it will be mailed out from Australia as quickly as we can bully Bruce into posting it.

How to order from the Fund administrators:
Australia: $10 (incl. postage) to Bill Wright, Unit 4, 1 Park Street, St Kilda West VIC 3182.
USA: $10 (incl. airmail postage) to Arnie and Joyce Katz, PMB 152, 330 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89107.
UK: 5 pounds (incl. airmail postage) to Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey, 14 Northway Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 6JE.

The Bottom Line

The BBB Fund, as stated, has surpassed its minimum goal of $2,500! Contributions now in the hands of Joyce Katz and Bill Wright total $2,556.57. That breaks down as $1,296.57 from the US and UK (in US funds) and $1,260 from Australia (in US dollars at the current exchange rate).

The US account has also earned $0.52 in interest. PayPal charges, which have not been deducted from the total, stand at $7.76.

The latest contributors:
37. Ned Brooks
38. Jim Caughran
39. Dave Langford
40. Gerald Smith
41. Tracy Benton
42. L. Tutihasi
43. Murray Moore

The Ranks of One Percenters on the Increase

A One Percenter is a BBB Fund supporter who helps prove that fans are special, one-in-a-hundred people by contributing one percent of the $2,500 minimum needed to Bring Bruce Bayside.

We'll send Jason Burnett's nifty "One Percenter" symbol to any such benefactors that wish to display it on their fanzines and websites.

Additions to the One-Percenters since the last report are: Jim Caughran; Dave Langford; Gerald Smith; L. Tutihasi; Murray Moore.

The Wrap Up

Join us again next week, when we'll update the donations, present new auction items, and report all the latest BBB Fund news.

- Arnie Katz, Las Vegas, NV

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