The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin

Issue 13 ~ 19 July 2004

Adapted from the Listserv edition
Published by Arnie Katz & Joyce Katz
Special Thanks to: Robert Lichtman & Earl Kemp

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The Happy Reaper

You've heard of the Grim Reaper, but as the co-chairman of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund, I am definitely more of a Happy Reaper. Contributions, orders for The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie and bids for the terrific auction items are coming in briskly, so I'm not feeling a bit grim. Shows you what fandom will do when presented with a really good idea.

Speaking of ideas, good and otherwise, last issue I mentioned that I was battling against a new policy to replace asking for donations with vilifying selected non-contributors. Joyce, who is now getting around fairly well with a walker, has hinted darkly that she even has a target selected.

So, don't tempt fate. Contribute now, lest Joyce Katz hold you up to ridicule and derision in 4B.

The Auction Goes On...

More Winners, Much Action, Three New Items:

We have a new batch of winners: Robin Phillips wins A2, the two Stephen King books with nightlight, for $15. Earl Kemp takes A4, A5, A6 and A7, the four "Don Elliott" paperbacks, for $20 apiece. Bill Bowers gets B13, Boggs Bundle No. 3, for $7. Nigel Rowe wins B20, The Goon Goes West, for $35. And finally, Mike Glicksohn scores C6, Terry Carr Group No. 2, for $40. Thanks for one and all. You may cash out now or hold off if you're bidding for other items (or plan to). Payment may be made to me by personal check or money order, or by Paypal to Joyce Katz (but in either case please contact me first at for information on shipping charges).

Here is the latest list of high bids received:

B11 - [1] - Boggs Bundle No. 1 - Kim Huett $8
B12 - [1] - Boggs Bundle No. 2 - Kim Huett $8
B14 - [3] - The first seven of nine issues of Alan Bostick's perzine, Fast & Loose - Damien Warman $15
B21 - [2] - The Double:Bill Symposium - Craig Smith $30
B22 - [2] - The Gafiate's Intelligencer - Don Fitch $5
C4 - [3] - Fanac No. 34 (The Fannish) - Mike Glicksohn $31
C5 - [3] - The Fannish III - Peter Weston $30
C7 - [3] - Kratophany No. 3 - Don Fitch $10
C8 - [2] - Cipher No. 7 - Don Fitch $10
C9 (formerly a second C7-my error!) - [3] - Marvel Tales, Volume 1, Number 4, March/April 1935 - Dwain Kaiser $40
G1 - [3] - The Metaphysical Review No. 1 - Larry Bigman $15
G2 - [3] - *brg* No. 2 - Janice Murray $5
G3 - [3] - The Iron Law of Bureaucracy, by Alexis Gilliland - Jukka Halme $20
K1 - [3] - The Futurians, by Damon Knight - Alexander Yudenitsch $11
M1 - [3] - Ouija No. 1 - Don Fitch $10
P1 - [3] - The Way The Future Was, a memoir by Frederick Pohl - Jukka Halme $10
W3 - [3] - Hyphen No. 3 - Michael Waite $30
W4 - [3] - Hyphen No. 10 - Michael Waite $30
W5 - [3] - Woz No. 1 - Tommy Ferguson $10
W6 - [3] - Woz No. 7 - Tommy Ferguson $10
W7 - [3] - The Best of Susan Wood - Nigel Rowe $15
W8 - [3] - A complete run of Blat! - Alexander Yudenitsch $28

There are three new items this time:

B24 - [N] - Sky Hook No. 17, Spring 1953, edited and published by Redd Boggs, 24 pages. Yes, this was offered once before and won. However, Craig Smith has donated a second copy. Cover by Bob Dougherty, interiors by Bergeron and Maril Shrewsbury. Besides Redd's contributions there are articles by Jack Speer (the famous "Rising Standards" article about fanzine production, still applicable today), "William Atheling Jr." (still James Blish), and poems from Lee Hoffman and Terence Heywood. Staples are rusty, but pages are in excellent shape; the back cover is detached. Minimum bid: $15.

L1 - [N] - The Acolyte No. 11, Summer 1945, 33 pages. This is the legendary fanzine edited and published by F. Towner Laney and devoted in large part to material about H. P. Lovecraft. This issue has a litho cover depicting "The Outsider" done by Alva Rogers. Laney contributes three items: his editorial; an article, "Criteria for Criticism," whose purpose is "to set down in preliminary form a few notes on one or two of the factors upon which one may logically judge the literary merits of a fantastic story"; and "Banquets for Bookworms," mostly short reviews but also a blast at second-hand book dealers who charge exorbitant prices. W. R. Gibson offers "Fantasy in Italy," which Laney says in a brief introduction "is based on Mr. Gibson's library and bookshop excursions while serving in Italy with the Canadian Army." Stuart M. Boland contributes "Interlude With Lovecraft," about various exchanges with HPL over the latter's theology and what a printed Necronomicon might begins "The Scientifictional History of the Future," a tabulation of stories in books and magazines about the future with brief descriptions of the future postulated in them. This was apparently never continued (at least not in The Acolyte). There are also poems by five contributors and a letter column with missives from E. Hoffman Price, August Derleth, Nils Frome and Robert Bloch. The condition of this copy is fair to good, with some chipping on page edges (but no text missing) and the entire issue has been 3-hole punched. However, given the production methods (cheap wartime paper) most of this is normal for examples of this fanzine. Minimum bid: $20.

W9 - [N] - Harry Warner Jr. Horizons Batch. This consists of eight issues of Harry's legendary and long-lived FAPAzine published between 1964 and 1967. All are 24 pages of close type; the first two listed have an additional front cover page. All lead off with pages of mailing comments and all have a one-page "Worst of Martin" (Harry's way of expressing displeasure over a decision some years earlier to drop Edgar Allen Martin from FAPA membership under perhaps questionable circumstances), but all also have articles by Harry on a wide variety of subjects. Here's what there is, with highlights noted: No. 100, November 1964, has a cover by someone signing "R.I.P.," as well as an update on Harry's progress in producing All Our Yesterdays and an installment of "Hagerstown Journal," Harry's ongoing series about life in his city. No. 101, February 1965, cover by Rotsler and a long article, "That Bleak November," about Harry being offered an editor's job at the newspaper and (including his paranoia about his employment future when he turned it down). No. 102, May 1965, has "Fortytude," an article about premonitions of death, and "Great Scott," ruminations upon obtaining and reading a 6-volume collection of Sir Walter Scott. No. 103, August 1965, with "Wide White Page," a long article about the work involved in putting out a newspaper, and "Fool's Gold," about finally reading a James Bond novel. No. 104, November 1965, with no mailing comments and nearly half the issue taken up with a piece of short fiction, "A Man Dwelt by a Churchyard," and most of the rest with "Poor Man's Oktoberfest," about attending the annual Hagerstown Fair. No. 106, May 1966, with "What I Did During the War," with correspondence excerpts by numerous hands about fannish events of the period, and "Board of Education," about his experiences covering the Hagerstown school board meetings. No. 107, August 1966, with "How to Get to the Tricon," about his stfnal reading leading up to bought a membership and made hotel reservations but wasn't sure he would actually attend, and a long installment of "Hagerstown Journal." And finally No. 110, May 1967, with "Star Trek Without Eyetracks," about his feelings upon being solicited by the Bjo-originated committee to save the show, "Golffinger or Sheet Nonsense," about typographical errors, and another long "Hagerstown Journal." Minimum bid for them all: $15.

And finally, these are items that have not yet attracted bids. They may not be listed after this round if they continue to be overlooked:

A8 - [**] - Flesh Is My Undoing, by "Clyde Allison" who is (I am informed by Earl Kemp, our expert in these matters) actually William Knoles. Donated by Bruce Townley. "Lust among the rich was more than a pastime. It was a way of life." This is a 1961 Nightstand paperback intact but with cover binding partially separating; however, the page block is firmly attached to itself and the book will not fall apart as you learn about "Sin Among the Idle Rich." Minimum bid: $5.

B23 - [**] - What Mad Universe, by Fredric Brown, 224 pages, Boardman (London) 1951. This is the first British hardcover edition of Brown's premiere science-fiction novel and sports a magnificent full-color GGA cover by Denis McLoughlin and a back cover photo of Brown in alien garb with antennae and Spock-like ears. Both book and dust jacket (not price-clipped) are in good condition (book has slight spine lean, spine on jacket has inside tape repairs to top & bottom of spine and small tears on fold of inner flap). Cheapest copy on ABE is $54 & sounds inferior to this one. Minimum bid: $25.

J1 - [**] - Barnaby, by Crockett Johnson, Blue Ribbon Books (NY), 1943, 361 pages, no dust jacket. Donated by Mike McInerney, who reports "a few stains (coffee?) on the cover but complete and in fairly good shape." To quote one of the search engine listings for this: "The highly-esteemed comic-strip adventures of Barnaby and his fairy Godfather, Mr. O'Malley." Copies of this first edition range in price from $20 to $325 on ABE. Minimum bid: $10.

M2 - [**] - Ouija No. 2, August 1972, edited by Mike McInerney and Brad Balfour, 19 pages. Donated by Mike McInerney. Contributors besides the editors include Ken Beale (a Westercon report) and Gary Deindorfer ("Some Instructions for Neodruggies from an Old Time Highly Evolved Head"). Letter column includes J. R. Christopher, Laurence Janifer, Don Fitch and others. Artwork by Brad Balfour, John D. Berry, Grant Canfield, Bill Kunkel, William Rotsler and others. Minimum bid: $5.

S1 - [**] - Motel Sex Club, by "Andrew Shaw," a pseudonym for (I am informed by Earl Kemp) Lawrence Block. Donated by Bruce Townley. "Depraved youth looking for kicks in a secret club of sin and shame!" A 1961 Original Midnight Reader paperback in decent shape. Minimum bid: $5.

W1 - [**] - Master of the Macabre No. 1, June 1983, by Berni Wrightson, Pacific Comics (San Diego), 36 full-color pages and in near-new condition. Donated by Bruce Townley. Wrightson (the creator of Swamp Thing) writes and draws these beautifully-executed and lushly-printed horror comics. This issue contains "The Muck Monster," "The Pepper Lake Monster" and Poe's "The Black Cat." Minimum bid: $5.

W2 - [**] - Master of the Macabre No. 1, August 1983, also by Berni Wrightson, 36 pages and also in near-new condition. Donated by Bruce Townley. In this issue Wrightson presents "Jenifer," Lovecraft's "Cool Air," "The Laughing Man" and "Clarice." Minimum bid: $5.

It's been many issues since the *rules* for this auction were presented. Rather than sending new readers back through the archives (available at, here they are:

Bids for items listed should be sent to the auctioneer, Robert Lichtman, at the following e-mail address: The conduct of this auction follows the Bowers Rules, set forth briefly as follows: Each item is preceded by an alphanumeric identifier, followed by [N] (for new item) and then the item specifics. Items will be listed a minimum of three rounds, the [N] changing to [3], then [2] and finally [1] as it progresses. If a higher bid comes in prior to the next round, the counter is reset to a [3], and the cycle begins again. I will make note of items won as we progress. The exception to all this is that items receiving no bids will be designated with a [**] in subsequent listings and subject to being dropped at my whim before the three-round play-out. A minimum initial bid is noted for each item. The first bid received prevails in the case of tied bids. Please make and raise bids only in whole dollar increments. Postage will be added to each shipment. I prefer that all bidders use the following format when placing a bid: Put each item bid for on its own line, prefaced with the item number, followed by your name, and your bid. An example: A3 Joe Fann $5.00. The current high bidder, only, will be listed. No eBay-like "bid history" will be available.

Watch this space next issue for more new items and the latest winners and high bid updates. And thanks to all who've participated. Your support is appreciated.

- Robert Lichtman

How to Send the Money:

We'll take your money in just about any form, but some ways are easier.

Contributions from outside the USA should be sent in American funds, if possible. Otherwise, we'll incur some fees - but we'll happily accept what's left!

Make checks payable to: Joyce M. Katz, PMB 152, 330 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89107.

PayPal Donations Are Most Welcome!

Here's how:
  Go to
  Choose "Send Money" and "American Funds."
  Mark it for "other" (BBB Fund).
  Send donation to:

Please send Joyce a note saying that you've sent the donation via PayPal, and she'll check the account to see when it arrives.

The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie

Thanks to stalwart work by Irwin Hirsh, ably assisted by Bill Wright and Bruce himself, The Incomplete Bruce Gillespie is published and ready for your edification and delight.

The beautiful 40-page compendium features some of Bruce Gillespie’s best personal, stfnal and fannish writings, and is profusely illustrated and impeccably printed. While the leather-bound version is not yet available to the general public, you can order the lovely one we have for $10 (cheap).

Send your orders to either Joyce Katz or Bill Wright (see below for contact info) and it will be mailed out from Australia as quickly as we can bully Bruce into posting it.

How to order from the Fund administrators:
Australia: $10 (incl. postage) to Bill Wright, Unit 4, 1 Park Street, St Kilda West VIC 3182.
USA: $10 (incl. airmail postage) to Arnie and Joyce Katz, PMB 152, 330 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89107.
UK: 5 pounds (incl. airmail postage) to Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey, 14 Northway Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 6JE.

The Bottom Line

The BBB Fund, greatly aided by sales of the anthology, now exceed $3,000! The exact total is $3,027.09. That breaks down as $1,527.09 from the US and UK (in US funds) and $1,500 from Australia (in US dollars at the current rate).

The US account has also earned $0.52 in interest. PayPal charges, which have not been deducted from the total, stand at $14.57.

The Wrap Up

Join us again very soon, when we’ll have all the latest BBB Fund news and, just possibly, a major announcement.

- Arnie Katz, Las Vegas, NV

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