The Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin

Issue 19 ~ 11 January 2005

Adapted from the Listserv edition
Published by Arnie Katz & Joyce Katz
Special Thanks to: Robert Lichtman

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Happy New Year from the BBB Fund!

What better way to start the 19th issue of the Bring Bruce Bayside Bulletin than to wish everyone a Joyous 2005? Well, I guess it could be argued that most people are tired of welcoming in the New Year by January 11, so maybe there are some better things.

So on further reflection, I'm not going to wish you a Happy 2005! Instead, let me be the first to wish you Happy New Year for 2006. Oh, and Merry Christmas, Cheery Chanukah and Happy Thanksgiving, while I'm at it.

State of the BBB Fund

Now that I've discharged my holiday greeting obligations for the coming year, this might also be an opportune time to provide a State of the BBB Fund report. As fandom's campaign to convey Bruce Gillespie, with or without the middle initial 'R,' to Corflu and Potlatch hurtles down the home stretch, a lot of fans are probably eager to learn about all the demented machinations and ego-driven in-fighting.

Truth to tell, there's not much fodder for one of those riveting fan fund reports we've sometimes received in recent years. We have no machinations and a positive scarcity of infighting, either.

Nothing very unpleasant, or even unusual, has happened. There are simply no lurid tales to be told.

Even a silver-tongued devil such as myself would have a hard time convincing you that Bruce Gillespie was killed in a duel-at-dawn with Bill Wright or that Joyce has invested the entire treasury in chorus boys.

The plain fact of the matter is that the BBB Fund is functioning beautifully, thanks to a great spirit of cooperation. Bruce has his trans-Pacific tickets, his memberships in Corflu and Potlatch are sponsored, and his passage to and from Seattle is under control thanks to Alan Rosenthal.

Now, it's possible that something will go wrong despite the best intentions of such fine people as Mark Plummer, Claire Brialey, Art Widner, Bruce Townley and the inimitable Robert Lichtman. Until such a thing eventuates, however, let's glory in the success of a universally liked and widely supported fan fund.

An Embarrassing Announcement

As the co-chairman of the Bring Bruce Bayside Fund, it is very hard for me to tell you what I need to tell you. It goes against everything I have learned as a fund organizer.

Without further equivocation, then, I must ask you to stop sending donations for the BBB Fund. We have met and surpassed our fundraising goal, so we have dismantled the powerful system used to vacuum your wallets and purses. We've even closed the PayPal account, because it is now unnecessary.

Now I want to say a few words to my fellow slackers and procrastinators. I'm sure you meant to send a contribution to help the BBB Fund and equally sure that you are feeling Great Shame for not having done so before we suddenly closed the Vault and refused to accept additional legal tender.

I fear for those slackers and procrastinators, consumed by crushing, mortifying guilt as they must be. So I want to assure everyone that there are still things you can do to show you care, none of which involve buying Joyce and me a new Lincoln (though that world be a nice thought ).

One obvious way is to buy a copy of the wonderful anthology The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie, which is still available from the usual sources. This might seem a little self-serving of you, since it's a fine publication, but it's a really easy way to push a few bucks into the BBB Fund despite the 'no donations' edict.

Another thing you can do is look at the itinerary, see when Bruce may be in your area during his trip, and offer food, lodging, entertainment or some combination of the three. This might also be viewed as self-serving, because it'll give you a chance to spend some time with the erudite and fascinating Mr. Gillespie, but we have all agreed to ignore that aspect and proclaim you a Good Fan and True.

Finally, there will be plenty of opportunities to help while Bruce is actually attending Potlatch and Corflu in San Francisco, assuming you are also there.

What can you do if you already bought the anthology, won't be attending the conventions and aren't lucky enough to reside in one of the fan centers Bruce will be visiting? Well, you could send a contribution in Bruce's name to any of the fine Tsunami relief funds that are attempting to cope with that world-shaking tragedy.

The Latest Auction News and Updates:

We have more winners this time: Alison Barton has won D1 (The Man in the High Castle by Phil Dick) for $18. Nigel Rowe has won D5, D6 and D7 (three issues of Habakkuk) for $20 each and L1 (The Acolyte No. 11) for $60.

Please note that once again there are some items down to their final round. If you've been pondering bidding on any of them but holding back, now is the time to strike before they show up here in the winners' column.

Following are the latest high bids:
B25 - [3] - The BNF of Iz by "Carl Brandon" - Ruth Berman $20
B26 - [2] - The Fantasy Amateur for the Summer 1948 FAPA mailing - Nigel Rowe $10
B27 - [2] - Bok 1, a portfolio of eight 8 x11 black and white reproductions of Hannes Bok artwork - Joel Zakem $15
C4 - [3] - Fanac No. 34 (The Fannish) - Mike Glicksohn $42
D2 - [1] - Philip K. Dick: Piper in the Woods, audio cassette interview tape - Joel Zakem $20
D3 - [1] - Ten Years in the Red Light District, edited and published by Calvin W. "Biff" Demmon - Robin Johnson $15
D4 - [1] - Habakkuk "Chapter 1, Verse 1" - Robin Johnson $20
E1 - [3] - Tappen No. 2 - Randy Byers $10
E2 - [3] - Tappen No. 4 - Randy Byers $10
G4 - [3] - Energumen No. 13 - Ben Zuhl $26
G5 - [3] - Grue No. 29 - Ben Zuhl $26
H1 - [3] - Sikander No. 8 - Ben Zuhl $5
H2 - [3] - Quandry No. 30 - Ben Zuhl $31
H3 - [2] - Science Fiction Five Yearly No. 6 - Tommy Ferguson $15
H4 - [3] - Mota No. 16 - Colin Hinz $13
H5 - [3] - Mota No. 18 - Ben Zuhl $6
P1 - [1] - The Way The Future Was, a memoir by Frederik Pohl - Alison Barton $17
W7 - [3] - The Best of Susan Wood - Peter Halasz $35
X1 - [3] - Fancyclopedia II - Craig Smith $35
X2 - [2] - A Sense of FAPA - Alan Rosenthal $100

THE RULES: Bids for items listed should be sent to the auctioneer, Robert Lichtman, at the following e-mail address: The conduct of this auction follows the Bowers Rules, set forth briefly as follows: Each item is preceded by an alphanumeric identifier, followed by [N] (for new item) and then the item specifics. Items will be listed a minimum of three rounds, the [N] changing to [3], then [2] and finally [1] as it progresses. If a higher bid comes in prior to the next round, the counter is reset to a [3], and the cycle begins again. I will make note of items won as we progress. The exception to all this is that items receiving no bids will be designated with a [**] in subsequent listings and subject to being dropped at my whim before the three-round play-out. A minimum initial bid is noted for each item. The first bid received prevails in the case of tied bids. Please make and raise bids only in whole dollar increments. Postage will be added to each shipment. I prefer that all bidders use the following format when placing a bid: Put each item bid for on its own line, prefaced with the item number, followed by your name, and your bid. An example: A3 Joe Fann $5.00. The current high bidder, only, will be listed. No eBay-like "bid history" will be available.

Once again, it would be appreciated if those who are done bidding would contact me at to settle your winnings.

-- Robert Lichtman

The Itinerary

Bruce has, with some help from the BBB Fund mob, has nailed down the basics of the itinerary for his forthcoming trip to the US.

Here is the schedule as it now exists:

1. Fly Australia to LA, then on to Seattle via domestic flight, on Thursday (Feb. 17);
2. Spend Friday to Tuesday (Feb. 18-22) in Seattle;
3. Fly to San Francisco on Wednesday (Feb. 23);
4. Attend pre-Corflu party in the Holiday Inn Civic Centre hotel on Thursday (Feb. 24);
5. Attend Corflu (Friday to Sunday, Feb. 25-27);
6. Visit fans and sightsee in the Bay Area until Potlatch (Monday to Thursday, Feb. 28-March 3);
7. Attend Potlatch (Friday to Sunday, March 4-6 at Ramada Hotel International);
8. Fly to LA on Tuesday (March 8);
9. Visit LA fandom, including the LASFS meeting on Thursday (March 10); and
10. Fly from Los Angeles to Australia on Friday, March 11, 2005.

The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie

The Incompleat Bruce Gillespie is published and ready for your edification and delight. This truly international fan project, helmed by Irwin Hirsh, is a wonderful souvenir of the BBB Fund, one of fandomís most successful endeavors. First and foremost, though, TIBG is a terrific read.

The beautiful 40-page compendium features some of Bruce Gillespieís best personal, stfnal and fannish writings, and is profusely illustrated and impeccably printed. While the leather-bound version is not yet available to the general public, you can order the lovely one we have for $10 (cheap).

Send your orders to either Joyce Katz or Bill Wright (see page below for contact info) and it will be mailed out from Australia as quickly as we can bully Bruce into posting it. In addition, our UK Administrators have copies for sale to fans on the Sceptered Isle.

How to order from the Fund administrators:
Australia: $10 (incl. postage) to Bill Wright, Unit 4, 1 Park Street, St Kilda West VIC 3182.
USA: $10 (incl. airmail postage) to Arnie and Joyce Katz, PMB 152, 330 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas NV 89107.
UK: 5 pounds (incl. airmail postage) to Mark Plummer and Claire Brialey, 14 Northway Road, Croydon, Surrey CR0 6JE.

Money on the Move

The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund has completed a series of marvelously sophisticated moves to make the money as available as possible to Bruce during his trip.

As treasurer of the BBB Fund, Joyce has sent all monies previously held in Las Vegas to Robert Lichtman. Since he lives in the BArea, it'll make it comparatively easy to provide money when it is needed.

Our farsighted Australian Administrator Bill Wright has handled things so that Bruce will have substantial pocket money when he lands in Los Angeles on February 17.

Bill has also tucked back money for Bruce's trip report. Consider the author and the journey, it should be a must read: when it's ready.

The Bottom Line:

The Bring Bruce Bayside Fund, greatly aided by sales of the anthology, now stands at over $5,434.20. How much more will depend, ultimately, on the rate at which Australian contributions are converted to US funds at the exchange rate.

I'll return with 4B #20 in about two weeks.

- Arnie Katz, Las Vegas, NV

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