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Since 1972 the Down Under Fan Fund, a fan-supported fellowship, has encouraged closer ties between science fiction fandom in Australasia and North America through alternating exchanges of representatives. DUFF is supported by voluntary contributions from fans all over the world. DUFF delegates attend the Worldcon or a national convention in the host country and visit fans they might otherwise never meet. Delegates are responsible for raising funds and administering DUFF until a new delegate from their continent is elected, and are expected to publish trip reports which can be sold to aid the fund.

DONATIONS: DUFF exists solely on the donations and contributions of fans and fan organizations. Please give generously. Anyone may contribute and donations in excess of the voting donation are gratefully accepted. Checks should be made payable to Patrick Molloy or Naomi Fisher (in North America) or Julian Warner (in Australasia). Money should always be sent in the administrator's home currency.

VOTING: DUFF uses the preferential balloting system to guarantee an automatic runoff and a majority win. The voter ranks the candidates in order of preference (1, 2, 3, etc.). If there is no absolute majority for one candidate after the first count of votes, first-place votes for the lowest-ranking candidate are dropped, and the second-place votes on those ballots are assigned to the candidates named. This goes on until one candidate has a majority. It is therefore important to vote for second, third, etc. places, especially if you choose to write in a candidate. (The voter is not required to fill in more than their name, address and first choice.)

Ballots must be signed and accompanied by a donation of at least $4 in US currency or $6 in Australian currency. You must return the entire ballot (both sides). Each voter may vote only once.

VOTER ELIGIBILITY: Anyone who has been active in fandom on or before January 1, 2002, may vote. "Active in fandom" means involved in fannish pursuits such as fanzine writing or reading, convention running or attending, amateur film/video production, or club participation. Voting is limited to natural persons.

CANDIDATES: Three North American fans and two Australasian fans serve as nominators for each of the candidates. Each candidacy has provided a $25 bond, a brief written platform, and a description of previous Australasian travel. They have also promised (barring Acts of God) to travel to the 42nd Australian National Science Fiction Convention (Swancon 2003), April 17-21, 2003, in Perth, West Australia, and to serve as administrator of the fund until a new North American delegate is elected.

VERIFICATION: The voters must be natural persons who have been active in fandom since January 1, 2002. If you think you may be unknown to the administrators please give the name of a fan or fan group (other than a candidate or nominator) who can vouch that you meet these criteria.


Reference address:


North America
Naomi Fisher & Patrick Molloy
P.O. Box 9135
Huntsville, AL 35812-0135
U.S. Phone Number: (256) 830-4471
Email:mephan@mindspring.com or

Julian Warner
13 Frederick Street
Brunswick, Victoria 3056
Australian Phone Number: (03) 9383-2558
Internet: julian@cannizaro.com.au

Reproduction and distribution of this ballot is encouraged as long as it is done verbatim. Anyone doing so should substitute their name here: OZ Fan Fund web site

DUFF 2003 Candidate Platforms

Guy & Rosy Lillian

ROSE-MARIE LILLIAN grew up with Arthur Clarke, Robert Heinlein and John Campbell -- as guests in her home. Her father, writer Joseph Green, worked for NASA, and hosted fabulous Apollo launch parties for the SF world. GUY LILLIAN's true distinction is his marriage to Rosy, but he also publishes the Hugo-nominated fanzine Challenger, has served as Southern Fandom Confederation President and been awarded DeepSouthCon's Rebel Award. Both thrill at the chance to export American fannishness downunder. ROSY will bring beauty, wit, class, charm and charisma to her 2003 DUFF duties. GUY will climb Hanging Rock, and bring you down a scrap of calico.

Previous Australasian Travel: Neither Guy nor Rosy has been to Australia before --which makes their DUFF candidacy all the more exciting for them both.

Nominators: North America -- Gregory Benford, Teddy Harvia & Diana Thayer, Steven Silver; Australasia -- Bruce Gillespie, Alan Stewart

Mike & Linda McInerney

43 years in fandom, more than 100+ fanzines pubbed, yet still have a burning desire to meet more fans. Credentials? Published Focal Point (with rich brown), SFFF & HKLPLOD/ Founder-host FIStfA (biweekly NYC fanclub 1965-1975)/ member 1967 NYCON Worldcon Committee/ co-creator (with Van Arnam, Porter, etc) of APA F - first WEEKLY APA/ Past - Fanoclasts, N3F, N'APA, SAPS, Lunarians, ESFA/ Current - TimeBinders, MemoryHole, Trufen/ Married Linda, Halloween 1972. She helps publish my zines, balances the checkbook, and has attended Worldcons (70's & 80's), Westercons, and Corflus/ "We got to Fight for the Right to Party" with the Wildest Kingdom of Oz, the fans! Got Victoria Bitters? In Perth?

Previous North American Travel: "We spent 10 wonderful days at Eastertime in 1989 in Sydney & Brisbane where we trekked through Bina Burra (rain forest), gambled at Jupiter's Casino (Gold Coast), held koalas (Lone Pine Sanctuary) and gazed in awe at Tasmanian devils, wombats, fruit bats, and platypi, oh my!"

Nominators: North America -- Lee Hoffman, Ted White, Joyce Scrivner; Australasia -- Eric Lindsay & Jean Weber, Rose Mitchell


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