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    1975 PLATFORMS


    John 'D.' Berry is one of those fans who, in a bygone era, would be known as a 'journeyman' fan; today he stands out head and shoulders over most of his peers and contemporaries. As a fanzine publisher he has distinguished himself with Foolscap, Egoboo, Hot Shit, and most recently, Hitchhike. He belongs to both the Oldest of sf apas, FAPA (where he refuses to die) and to an undetermined number of 'secret' apas, where his light shines under small bushels. He was responsible for that The Clubhouse in Amazing SF, and, consequently, for an entire new generation of fans.

    In person John is large and amiable, can quaff bheer with the best, and has been known to enjoy other substances as well. His knowledge of fandom is encyclopedic, and his contacts with Australian fandom strong (and growing, as in his recent entry into ANZAPA). He is in many respects as well-rounded (no offence John) a fan as exists today (and we won't even mention his humble origins), and is eminently well qualified to journey Down Under as Our Man from DUFF.

    Nominated by John Bangsund, Grant Canfield, Bruce Gillespie, Ted White and Susan Wood.


    The Fan with a difference! Organised the two highly successful "Conference on Middle-Earth": 1969 at the Uni. of Illinois and 1971 at Cleveland State Uni. Both were free and yet ran in the black. The Cleveland con drew over 400 fen. Worked on the Tolkien Program at EUROCON I at Trieste, Italy in 1972. Spoke on the Tolkien Panel at SFCON at Gent, Belgium in 1973. Invited by and gave "Tolkien: The Man and His Works" to the Hungarian SF Club in Budapest, Hungary in May 1973. In Sept. '73 initiated the Spang Blah, which brings SF news to Americans in Europe and provides a link between fen on four continents. Attends as many cons as time and money permit.

    jan howard finder, the choice of discriminating sentient life forms throughout the cosmos.

    Nominated by Gian Paolo Cossato, Beverly Friend, Joen Grant, Carey Handfield and Dennis Stocks.


    This is a bold attempt to whitewash the rogue. Rusty Hevelin hitch-hiked into fandom from California in 1941 to attend the Denvention. Only weeks later he was in Philadelphia as co-editor of Bob Madel's Fantascience Digest and in February, 1942 he published his first issue of a newszine called Nebula. He has been a member of FAPA three times, served as director of the NFFF (and helped write one of the group's many constitutions) and admits to once being president of the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society, which is a neat feat for a Californian now living in Ohio. These days he attends more conventions than any other fan can stand; Ben Bova says, "He's the one with the mask and the gun down in the huckster room." He is present in Warner's All Our Yesterdays under two names: Rusty Barron and James Hevelin. Twin legendary villians out of our history.

    Nominated by Robin Johnson, Banks Mebane, Peter Millar, Anne & Bob Passovoy and Bob Tucker.

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    Although no results are available at this time, Rusty Hevelin was declared the winner of the 1975 DUFF race.

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