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    1976 PLATFORMS


    John J. Alderson has become widely known for his fanzine Cfao and his fan-writings, but he is said to be an even nicer bloke to meet with his fine taste in wine, women and song. Some say his ideas are strange, but you should hear his stories, which are stranger still... did you hear the one about the friend of John's who is married to a mermaid... Actually John is a farmer, wine-maker, historian, editor; the things he has done are legion, the things he claims to have done, impossible. Meet the last bushranger!

    Nominated by Shayne McCormack, Sue Clarke, John Bangsund, Andy Porter & Pauline Palmer


    A number of fannish events have survived the intervention of Shayne McCormack. President of the Sydney S.F. Foundation she publishes fanzines, gets in the way of Convention Committees and has generally been active in fandom since 1969. She started reading at the age of six, gave up Golden Books for SF at twelve, and has never looked back.

    Nominated by John Alderson, Eric Lindsay, Keith Curtis, Don C. Thompson & Alan Huff


    I have no idea when I started reading science fiction (I learned to read at six), but I have been involved in fandom since 1969; I think that I am pretty well known to most Australian fans - I was Fan GoH at Q-CON II - but I imagine that I am only a name in the AUSSIECON program book to the rest of fandom. Now that the WorldCon is over I intend to pay overseas fanzines the attention they deserve.

    I am (at the time of writing) 23 years old, and a qualified barrister and solicitor. I am also unemployed, and have been for some time, so that even if I did find work this month I doubt if I could afford the trip to Kansas City unaided. I'm hooked on worldcons, but I want to go to one which I am not involved in running. Naturally, if selected I undertake to produce a trip report at least the equal of Emu Tracks.

    Nominated by Valma Brown, Don Ashby, Peter Darling, Hank & Lesleigh Luttrell


    Good evening! My name is Paul J. Stevens and I am standing for DUFF. My platform is several lengths of floorboard, some 2x4 bracing and a handful of 6" nails. My reasons for wanting to travel to the USA are: (1) Everybody has urged me to please leave Australia, (2) I enjoy room parties, (3) I want to study the American SF fan in its native habitat, (4) I want to go SMOOOTH with Tucker, (5) I have a nice personality and I believe in spreading myself around, (6) It's too dangerous to visit Ireland. Other pertinent facts about me are that I'm 34 years old, single, like reading SF, watching horror movies, meeting fans and selling books.

    Nominated by Bill Wright, Ron Graham, Mervyn Binns, Bob Tucker & Jack Chalker

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    Christine McGowan was declared the winner of the 1976 DUFF race.

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