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  • Rusty Hevelin (North America)
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    1977 PLATFORMS


    I have been a reasonably active fanzine and convention fan for the last thirteen of my twenty- seven years. I was one of the Floundering Fathers of Minn-stf, and for the past two years was editor of the club's fanzine, Rune. Along with publishing a number of my own genzines, I've been active in Mineappa since its start, and was in APA45 during its Golden Years. Although I have been entertaining fen at Con parties with my singing and guitar playing for almost as long as I have been going to cons, it was only recently that I combined this with my other talent, photography to create 'Da Fred Haskell Song and Slide Show', premiered at BYOBCon 5 this year when I was fan guest of honour; I have also done Da Show at MidameriCon and Icon 2. I'd like to present Da Fred Haskell Song and Slide Show for Aussiefen.

    Nominated by Bill Bowers, Valma Brown, Leigh Edmonds, Joe Haldeman, Lesleigh Luttrell.


    Bill Rotsler has magic fingers, an unfailing sense of humor,and a generous heart. The combination has produced innumerable cartoons to delight innumerable fans for thirty years. Bill has 'been an active fan since 1944 ... a rancher, a soldier (on the side of the allies, and we must remember that we really did win WWII), sculptor, photographer of naked ladies, cinematographer, director, writer, comic book writer, friend and faithful companion to Sharman DiVono.' He's also a Hugo-nominated sf writers for the novella 'Patron of the Arts'. Australians will know him best as WR the cartoonist - awarded the Best Fanartist Hugo at Aussiecon. We know him as a fine human being - and we know you'll enjoy meeting Rotsler, the line-tamer.

    Nominated by John Bangsund, Mike Glicksohn, Eric Lindsay, Bob Tucker, Susan Wood.


    The main criteria for a DUFF candidate should be familiarity with all facets of fandom. Bob Vardeman certainly meets all those criterion. He's not just a club fan or just a fanzine fan or just a convention fan. Vardebob is all of those and more. Club fan? Bob is a founding member of the Albuquerque SF Society and still makes every meeting. Fanzine fan? Is there a fanzine who is not familiar with the delightful humor of Sandworm,? Con fan? Vardebob is a fixture at worldcons and regionals. He's been fan guest of honour and featured on many panels. Apas? He's in FAPA and founded SLANAPA. His knowledge of both science fiction and fandom is encyclopedic. Despite being long and lean, Vardeman is the well-rounded candidate for DUFF.

    Nominated by Frank Denton, Carey Handfield, Robin Johnson, Roy Tackett, Laurine White.

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    William Roster was declared the winner of the 1977 DUFF race.

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