• Paul J. Stevens (Australia)
  • Bill Rotsler (North America)
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    1979 PLATFORMS


    Slightly silly platform
    Five reasons why Ken and Linda shouldn't go to Australia:
    1. Linda doesn't like to eat Eucalyptus leaves (neither does Ken)
    2. Ken doesn't know all the verses to Waltzing Matilda (but Linda does)
    4. Neither of them is named "Bruce" (or "Mavis")
    5. The Koalas at Qantas don't want us.
    6. There will be no reason Three.

    Nominated by Fred Haskell, Rusty Hevlin, Susan Wood, Eric Lindsay, and Leigh Edmonds.


    In ten years as a fan Mike has edited such zines as Prehensile, Scientifriction and File 770. He was one of half a dozen founders of the Ranquet at MacDonalds in 1972--now a putrid fan tradition. Co-chair of Westercon, participant in creating the FAAN awards, officer at various times of FAPA, LASFS, even the Church of Herbangelism, Glyer has been very active in areas of fandom from the most sercon to the most hilarious. Also: Glyer's selection would assure a thorough trip report to share the adventure in Australia with everyone who supports DUFF.

    Nominated by John Foyster, Ken Ozane, George Flynn, Mike Glicksohn, Elst Weinstein.


    Cy Chauvin entered fandom in 1969, after reading John Berry's Clubhouse column in Amazing. His first fanzine contribution was published in an Australian fanzine, the Mentor. In 1973, he went to his first convention TORCON where two of the first fans he met were Bruce Gillespie and Shayne McCormack. In 1975 he was fan GoH at Fanfair 111 (while everyone else was at Aussiecon). He edited Seldon's Plan, has been OE of APA-50 and MISHAP. Helped organise Autoclave and written for scores of fanzines. He promises to write a trip report if he goes to Australia. He promises to invent one if he doesn't.

    Nominated by Gil Gaier, Mary Legg, Jeanne Gomoll, Bruce Gillespie and Keith Curtis.

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