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  • Ken Fletcher and Linda Lounsbury (North America)
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    1980 PLATFORMS


    ..................., One, two, three..........
    This is a one-hundred word platform (literally) promoting Bob Ogden as WA fandom's first entrant in the DUFF race. Qualifications: WASFA President 1976-79; founder member "Federation Outpost Colonies"; UNISFA (WA Uni); awarded honorary Life Membership to F.O.C. for services to WA Fandom. Honorable member, "INSANE SCIENCE FICTION ADDICTS" (an all female club). Coordinator SWANCON II and III and WAYCON '79 (SWANCON IV). Attended two Eastern state's cons: A-CON 7 and UNICON IV, Second Member of VEGEMITE FANDOM, "Dictator of publicity" for the PERTH IN '80 Bid. Ambition: Outrageous happiness, Null-G naughties and consuming a complete roast Bandersnatch at one sitting ... Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, One hundred.

    Nominated by Denny Lien, Krissy, Leigh Edmonds, Roy Ferguson and Rob McGough


    I got involved with fandom through the Tolkien Society and since then have been involved in all facets of fandom, I helped organise SYNCON 77, 78 and 79. I was Nalso the director of FanWar I. I edit the Forerunner, the zine of the SYDNEY SCIENCE FICTION FOUNDATION, publish an APA zine and have contributed to many other zines. As a member of the AUSTRALIA IN 83 Committee I'd like to travel to spread the good word.

    Nominated by: Roger Zelazny, Judy Zelazny, John Foyster, Shayne McCormack, Marc Ortlieb

    has been among Sydney's best known fen since 1972 ((when he was born again)). He has been official auctioneer at most Australian conventions from Aussiecon onwards and is well-known for his love, nay, passion, for books (and silverfish). He is Australia's book searcher par excellence.

    Nobody has been more active in support of DUFF. Keith has probably raised more money for DUFF than any other three people in Australia. Keith has been active in the AUSTRALIA IN 83 bid from the beginning and is currently the Director of Australian fan relations.

    Bibliophile, Auctioneer, Founding editor of APPLESAUCE - the people's choice,

    Nominated by: Bob Tucker, Terry Carr, Robin Johnson, Eric Lindsay,and Alan Bray

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    North Am AustTotal
    Keith Curtis204262
    Bob Ogden13417
    Jack Herman5914

    Kieth Curtis was declared the winner on the first ballot.

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