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    1982 PLATFORMS


    100 well-chosen words on why Derrick Ashby should be chosen by the general fannish community to represent Australian Fandom as the DUFF winner in the 1982 season (and I reckon that counts as 31 words already, Curtis). I am 29 which means that I won't be too old to travel when I win, or too young to appreciate the experience. I have been a fan for 8 years and have been around for long enough to know what I'm getting myself into. I have helped organise numerous conventions, survived my time in the Magic Puddin' Club, am current editor of ANZAPA and have published several genzines over the years. I have thus been involved in most facets of fandom. I've smoothed with Tucker, lost Mike Glicksohn LOCs and eaten cheese salad at Degraves (and survived) ...

    Nominated by Leigh Edmonds, Ken Fletcher, Jerry Kaufman, Eric Lindsay and Marc Ortlieb.


    Groping his way from the sandy wastes of West Australia into the true light of fandom, see our Damian, indubitably red-headed (Redheads of the world ignite!) though somewhat overgrown, Chef Extraordinaire, purveyor of Ratcons and the all-potent Vegemite! The first person to turn up at Swanson I in 1976, Damian assisted at the birth of WAfandom and has compiled a fanzine history of its development. A disciple of the Great Carrot in his guise as Big Bunny, he produced Bionic Rabbit, one of the best and most regular of the wacky WAzines. With his recent migration to the shores of ((sin-drenched)) sun-soaked sity of Sydney he has forsworn his former frivolous image, converted to a neo-paganism, and is producing a new genzine, Caamora.

    Nominated by Sally Beasley, Judith Hanna, Robin Johnson, Fran Skene and Clifford Wind.


    Welcome to this, my very own DUFF platform. Just sit back and put your feet up and let me amuse you for the next 80 words or so. First question: what is a Tiny Daryl? David Attenborough's hairdresser has a witty theory that it is more than a figment of Von Danniken's bank balance, others mutter ''Hoyle's Not-so-Big Bang Theory", (More like a faint pop, really. ) Serioulsly though, I entered fandom in 1978, became the Monash Uni's SF Assoc dictator and editor of the clubzine, Cor Serpentis, Chairperson of UNICON VI which was a great success - ask the Haldepeople (not that I want to drop names, but this is politics), Secretary of Cinecon 81, current Committee member of Aust SF Foundation, regular ratbag at Space Age and regular attendee at other cons. If I win I'll produce a trip report within 12 months of return, plus meet huge numbers of fans etc. etc. so vote 1 for Tiny Daryl, the candidate with a heart to match his stomach.

    Nominated by Mervyn Binns, jan howard finder, Carey Handfield, Lee Smoire and Paul J Stevens.


    Sf reader since age ten. Discovered fandom in 1975 at Aussiecon (wow!) - instantly hooked. Helped found 2 uni Sf clubs and contracted D&D early in '76; recovered just in time to pass exams. Co-chair of one National Con (Syncon 79) and helped organise many other cons. Ain83 committee member, Con Addict - haven't missed an Aussie con in over 3 years. Founding member, 2nd editor of APPLESAUCE; former member of ANZAPA; editor of clubzine, Scytale; currently producing genzine, The Peter Principle. Official Mascot at Circulation 1. Currently Pres of Sydney Sf Foundation. Founder of Aussie chapters of massage fandom, frisbee fandom, HiFichondriac and indefatigable music freak. Influences: Monty Python, Hitch-Hiker's Guide, Doonesbury, Tom Robbins. Piscean. Rather fuzzy. Definitely gregarious. Recently titled, 'Self-appointed Guardian of Fandom's immorality'.

    Nominated by A Bertram Chandler, Mike Glyer, Linda Loundsbury, Jack R Herman and Jean Weber.

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    Aust NATotal
    Peter Toluzzi291039

    Having achieve an outright majority of first preferences, Peter Toluzzi was declared winner.

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