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  • Joyce Scrivner (North America)
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    1983 PLATFORMS


    What can be said about a marsupial groupie? Who became a British fan with a funny accent, while living in Europe, because of John Brunner. It was in '75 that Jan went to Australia and met his first wombat and other mighty and magnificent marsupials. While there he climbed Ayres Rock, sampled seafood in Brisbane froze on the train to Ballarat and met what seemed to be old family, the Aussie fen. To celebrate the best worldcon to date, Jan organises the AUSSIECON Reunion Party each year at the worldcon. He works hard at raising money for DUFF and published Finder's Guide to Australterrestrials, selling it and sterling silver marsupials to the unwary. Going to more cons than his budget allows Jan promotes MELBOURNE IN 85 bid and has learned to fasten the chain in his hotel room door. (Tucker made me put that in!) He is also an easy mark for a backrub, just ask him for one. His hands are supposed to be two of the best in fandom.

    Nominated by Mike Glicksohn, Mike Glyer, Carey Handfield, Paul Stevens, Wilson "Bob" Tucker.


    Alexis, founder of the International Cookie Conspiracy, is witty, charming and sinister (or at least left-handed). He has furnished countless cartoons plus a few toes to innumerable fanzines. A glutton for punishment, he has chaired half a dozen Disclaves and hosted the hordes of WSFA in his home for the last fifteen years, not to mention wandering Brits and Aussies. He now proposes to take his act on the road . . . along with his wife, Dolly, ... and draw all over Australia.

    His good attitude towards the important things in life is shown by the fact that he brews his own beer and ale in the basement and has his friends and itinerant fans over to help him drink it.

    Nominated by Merv Barrett, Avedon Carol, Bertram Chandler, Bill Rotsler, Mike Walsh.


    He has been active in US fandom since 1966, publishing fanzines, founding apas, attending club meetings in Ohio, New York and Seattle. He has also appeared in several fan dramatic performances and on unnumbered panels (on fanzines or Delany) at conventions. He is known for his dramatic readings from Walt Kelly and R. L Fanthrorpe, and becomes slightly more amusing over two beers. He is best known in Australian fandom for stomping George Turner (in print) with his hob-nailed sneakers, and for acting as hostelier (with his housemates) to Australian Travelling Jiants.

    Nominated by Richard Bergeron, Andrew Brown, Irwin Hirsh, Linda Lounsbury, Sandra Meisel, Marc Ortlieb, Stu Shiffman.


    WHY I SHOULD WIN DUFF (in 100 words, more or less, by Charlotte Proctor). 1) Having been graced by the presence of both Peter Toluzzi and Marc Ortlieb, Birmingham fandom would like to ((inflict)) send' a representative to Australia in turn.
    2) Hands across the water; or Cultural Exchange: Birmingham feelie fandom has, by all accounts, a 1ot to learn from Australian backrub fandom.
    3) With the distinct possibility of a worldcon being held in Atlanta (which is right next door to Birmingham) in 86, it is only fitting and proper that Southern (US) fandom and the Southern-most-fandom of all get to know one another even better.

    Nominated by John Foyster, Meade and Penny Frierson, Jim Gilpatrick, Dick and Nicki Lynch, John Packer.

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    Aust NATotal
    jan howard finder186482
    Alexis Gilliland84149
    Jerry Kaufman137487
    Charlotte Proctor103141

    After the distribution of preferences the final count was declared as:

    Jerry Kaufman131
    jan howard finder121

    With Jerry Kaufman being declared the winner of the 1983 DUFF race.

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    Soon after returning from his 1982 DUFF trip, Peter Toluzzi decided to leave Australia permanently and settle in North America. This left DUFF without an Australian administrator. Luckily, Jack R Herman volunteered to step in and take over the role.

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