• Jack R Herman(Australia)
  • Jerry Kaufman (North America)
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    1985 PLATFORMS

    rich brown

    rich founded SBOF (Society of Boring Old Farts, a.k.a. Secret Bastards of Fandom), which tells SMOFs what to do and strikes terror in the hearts of fakefans everywhere. He's been publishing/writing for fanzines and attending cons for a quarter of a century, can pick out fans at a distance by their auras and determine by touch if a fanzine mentions him. rich tied with Terry Carr in last year's PONG Poll for best letterhack and will be fan GoH at Norwescon, Seattle' s regional, even though he ran off with one of Seattle's brightest new fans, Linda Blanchard, by promising they would publish a frequent fanzine. Mindful that she was voted "best new fan" last year -- due in part to the excellence of her fanzine -- he promises to bring Linda with him if he wins, provided he can teach her that the Old Ways Are The Best.

    Nominated by Gary Farber, Bruce Gillespie, David Grigg, Teresa Nielsen Hayden and Ted White.


    This American/Canadian team, a truly North American bid, will be able to meet and talk to twice as many fans as any other single entry. We intend to spend all of our waking hours with fans; however, we promise that we will not bring the Australian NATCON back with us when we return home. Between the two of us we can promise to keep both the mimeo ink-stained fanzine fans and the be-costumed media fans happy. (Marty will talk fanzines for hours, Robbie will discuss plots and characters of "Doctor Who" just as long.) If that doesn't keep your con attendees in the blissful peace of sound-asleep boredom, nothing will! Of course, if you want to be awake, we can always change topics. (For instance, Marty can start talking about 'Doctor Who"....)

    Nominated by Mike Glyer, Larry Niven, Marc Ortlieb, Bruce Pelz, and Roger Weddall.


    Mike Glicksohn has been a fan for 19 years during which time he's been active in sf clubs, conventions, fanzines, and all social aspects of fandom. In 1973 he helped run the worldcon and won half a Hugo for his fanzine Energumen. When discussing DUFF, he harps on the way it fosters international fannish relationships. He has a passionate, but platonic, fondness for wombats, has been known to publicly disagree with Ted White and for 15 years has worn his own Aussie bush hat. He regularly uses "antipodean" in letters without consulting a dictionary and longs to be the first Canadian to win a major fan fund. Having already eaten pie'n'sauce and met John Alderson he is confident nothing can prevent him from being an amiable ambassador of North American fandom at Aussiecon II.

    Nominated by Harlan Ellison, John Foyster, Gay Haldeman, Irwin Hirsh, and Joni Stopa.


    I became active in fandom in 1954. I was too young to know any better. Since that time I've been a fan artist, worked on 9 worldcons, won costume balls, done some fan writing, given parties, joined 2 apas, and produced a genzine with Dave Locke. I'm old enough to know better, but I'm still hooked on fandom. I've met enough DUFF delegates to know that I'd like to meet a lot more Aussies. I'd also like to find out for myself if Terry Frost really talks in rhyming slang.

    Nominated by Mike Glicksohn, Rusty Hevelin, Eric Lindsay, Joyce Scrivner, and Jean Weber.

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    Aust Nth AmTotal
    rich brown43135
    Marty and Robbie Cantor195271
    Mike Glicksohn73542
    Joni Stopa63137
    Hold Over044

    Write-ins were eliminated in the first round leaving:

    rich brown36
    Marty and Robbie Cantor72
    Mike Glicksohn42
    Joni Stopa38
    Hold Over5

    Holdover Funds were eliminated in the second round leaving:

    rich brown37
    Marty and Robbie Cantor74
    Mike Glicksohn44
    Joni Stopa38

    Rich Brown was eliminated in the third round leaving:

    Marty and Robbie Cantor85
    Mike Glicksohn58
    Joni Stopa43

    Joni Stopa was eliminated in the fourth round leaving:

    Marty and Robbie Cantor97
    Mike Glicksohn87

    After the distribution of preferences Robbie and Marty Cantor were declared the winning candidacy.

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