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    1986 PLATFORMS


    I had been involved in fandom since 1971, on the fringes of Britfandom, but only discovered F*A*N*D*O*M when I emigrated to Australia in 1977. Since then, I have been involved in the programming and running of several local conventions, and organised baby-sitting for Aussiecon II. I am in several apas - ANZAPA, A Woman's Apa, and CRAPA/PI. I have not published my own fanzine (despite good intentions for 6 years plus!) but promise to publish a trip report if elected and then, who knows? I support Worldcons ANYWHERE other than Perth.

    Nominated by Alyson Abramowitz, Valma Brown, Eric Lindsay, Marc Ortlieb, Amy Thomson and others.


    Vote the Frost Team. Writing a DUFF platform while selling memberships to Capcon 87 (The Australian Natcon) ((free plug)) at Aussiecon II ain't easy. Don't let the list of nominators fool you - they were selected very carefully for their sterling qualities in order to give the Frost bid a touch of class it otherwise lacks. Wit, intelligence, cordiality, beard (one), housetraining, cartooning skill, funny accent, the ability to stay awake for long periods of time and silliness I already have. Also, Karen Vaughan my fiancee, will, if I win, be accompanying me on a DUFF trip cum honeymoon.

    Nominated by Mike Glyer, Leanne Frahm, Ken Ozanne, Paul Stevens, Art Widner.


    (Michelle) I am a New Zealander and have been involved in fandom in Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and Perth, where I live currently. I'm small, furry and very friendly, I love room parties, and I'd love to go to ConFederation.
    (Mark) I am a large furry West Australian making up the second half of the Muysert/Loney trans-Auatralasian DUFF bid. My first con was Swancon II in 1976 and my first fanzine was The Space Wastral (with Mr. Warner) in 1979. Michelle and I have been a joint fanact since 1983 and we'd really like to meet you all at ConFederation.

    Nominated by Justin Ackroyd, Alexis Gilliland, Irwin Hirsh, Peter Toluzzi, Roger Weddall and others.


    (Lewis speaks on Nick and Marilyn's behalf) Having been into rubber for some time, I was delighted to find that fandom held a niche in which I could flourish and fester. Together with Nick and Marilyn, I discovered a group of caring and interesting people who encouraged us to always push ourselves further. My personal interests have included regular entries in Masquerades which let me enjoy absurd behaviour in complete anonymity. Most importantly, I feel that Nick, Marilyn and I represent a VISUAL face to fandom: while our written contributions have been fairly sparse, in creating a tangible aroma (for want of a better word) in the field of fan Art, we feel "strong" enough to give fans overseas a good idea of what Australian fans are about. And being VISUAL we promise a trip report with SLIDES!!!

    Nominated by Forrest J. Ackerman, Sally Beasley, Terry Dowling, Van Ikin, Joyce Scrivner and others.

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    A total of 168 votes were cast, 115 with the North American administrator and 53 with the Australian. The following two tables show the break-down of votes by geographical area in table 1, and the distribution of preferences in table 2.

    North Am AustTotal
    Frost (after 6th round)60767
    Beasley (after 1st round)37239
    No Preference (after 5th round)29231
    Loney/Muysert (after 2nd round)20626
    Hold Over (after 3rd round)13013
    Write-In (John Bangsund) (after 1st round)202
    Write-In (Wal Footrot) (after 1st round)101

    Elimination rounds:

    Hold Over101113
    No Preference1323232831

    Other write-in votes after the first round (ie allocated a preference of 2 or higher by the voter) were 4 more votes for John Bangsund, 2 votes for Irwin Hirsh, and 1 votes each for Mickey Mouse, Jack Herman, Andrew Brown, Rich Dark, and Dave Luckett. Two other names mentioned in the write-in section but not given a number were Eric Lindsay and Mel Gibson.

    Although the actual counting date was February 28, 1986, Sally Beasley officially withdrew from the race in a letter dated December 29, 1985. Because of this withdrawal from the race the three administrators decided in advance that her first place votes would be counted but not the votes in subsequent rounds.

    As a result of the above votes Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride and Nick Stathopoulos were declared the winners of the 1986 DUFF race.

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