• Lewis Morley, Marilyn Pride and Nick Stathopoulos (Australia)
  • Marty and Robbie Cantor (North America)
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    1987 PLATFORMS


    Lucy M. (for Mayhem) Huntzinger deserves Australia. Not only does she have an unerring eye for a tattooed buttock on a darkened hotel stairway but she has a picture of a larrikin to which she sings "My Guy" every morning at work. Lucy's a fun gal, full of barbed wit, hot gossip and enviable notoriety. Her single foray into British fandom resulted in not one but three trip reports. She has many fine fannish qualifications as a con-runner, apa member and fanzine fan. Send her to CAPCON and see why they call her "The Catalyst".

    Nominated by Justin Ackroyd, Jeanne Gomoll, Jack R. Herman, Janice Murray, Stu Shiffman.


    I have been costuming all my life, reading Science Fiction since I was 13 and attending SF cons from the age of 18. Fandom was and is the perfect place to exercise my passion for dressing up. I will continue to entertain people with my costumes and pass my knowledge on to future costumers, through panels at cons and my active participation in Costume APA. 1987 will be my 20th anniversary in fandom and 25th year of reading Science Fiction. Since I has such a wonderful time in Australia in '85, I can't think of a better way to celebrate these anniversaries. Australia & Australians are a blast!

    Nominated by Buck Coulson, Juanita Coulson, Donna Heenan, Suford Lewis, Paul Stokes.


    I'll let Mala Cowan speak for me. "Everyone has his own notion of ... an 'ideal' fan ... Mine Is that the 'trufan' is interested in a diverse range of fantasy and science fiction, and is also willing to try new authors or styles; is involved in a variety of 'fannish' interests, not just the traditional activities of fanzines and cons but also other creative pursuits that fans share; and is personable and sociable as well as intellectually active. Laurraine quite nicely fulfills all of these criteria.... Not to mention that she's conscientious enough to publish a prompt and thorough trip report!"

    Nominated by David Bratman, Maia Cowan, Eric Lindsay, Marc Ortlieb, John Purcell.


    Plank 1: A fannish career involving work on more conventions than most.
    Plank 2: Co-owning a science-fiction specialty store for nearly 10 years.
    Plank 3: A love of Aussie folk music.
    Crosspiece 1: A reputation for finding odd stuff wherever I go.
    Crosspiece 2: An intense desire to travel to distant lands.
    If you wish to see these pieces assembled, vote for me. If nominated, I will run!! If elected, I will go! If not elected, I'll write the trip report anyway! It could be very dull If I lose, though ... 15 pages of local walls.

    Nominated by Andrew Brown, Jerry Kaufman, Perry Middlemiss, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Teresa Nielsen Hayden.

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    160 fans voted in North America and 32 in the Antipodes, hence the following figures must reflect the situation after preferences were distributed.

    North AmAustTotal
    Lucy Huntzinger7629105
    Tom Whitmore73174
    Laurraine Tutihasi25631
    Kathy Sanders14014
    No Preference707
    Hold Over202

    The write-ins were for Jeanne Gomoll and Tim Jones.

    Based on these figures Lucy Huntzinger was declared the winner of the 1987 DUFF race.

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