• Terry Dowling (Australia)
  • Lucy Huntzinger (North America)
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    1989 PLATFORMS


    A fanzine in every mailbox! That's my platform. Oh yes, and good food, good drink, and good talk for all. Even a few program items that make you think, to spice the really important parts (of a con, or a trip, or indeed a fanzine): the wit, the friendship, the peculiar carnival community that we readers and stay-at-homes engage in from time to time. And once I get home, I propose to publish as lively and as frequent a DUFF newsletter as I can, and I hope to write something small, compact, and fast about the trip.

    Nominated by Moshe Feder, Jeanne Gomoll, Jerry Kaufman, Carey Handfield, and Irwin Hirsh.


    Howdy. If you've been to any conventions in North America in the past 15 years, you've likely seen me sitting behind a dealers table. I've attended well over 300 conventions, sometimes working on the committee, participating on panels, or, most importantly, throwing parties. I've been selling SF/Fantasy books more than half my life. I'm active in supporting small press publishing and own two SF specialty stores. I've written for fanzines, co-edited several books, and partied hardy. I've wanted to go to Australia and meet the fans and look forward to that opportunity. Oh, and I'm a good dancer, too.

    Nominated by Justin Ackroyd, Bryan Barrett, Cindy Evans, Denny Lien, and Spike.


    It's hard to write an original DUFF platform, and I'm tempted to try. (Imagine a da-daist blank to follow.) However, it's much too easy to fill pages about my fanac so I can't afford to be arty. So I appeal to you on the basis of 17 years of some of the most idiosyncratic fanwriting ("Roach Motel" to "Medical Practise"), intimate fanart (over 670 drawings, but who's counting"), and self-indulgent fanzines (DNQ, New Toy, Toronto The Ghood) known in our microcosm. I certainly don't want to depend on my ready smile and winning ways... I'd like to win DUFF.

    Nominated by Mike Glicksohn, Eric Lindsay, Stu Shiffman, Fran Skene, Jean Weber.

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    Aust Nth AmTotal
    John D. Berry174663
    Taral Wayne104252
    Greg Ketter41822
    Hold Over Funds011

    The four write-in votes listed by Australians were for Cy Chauvin, Tim Jones, Bill Bowers, and Wilson da Silva. The write-ins were eliminated in the first round, leaving:

    John D. Berry66
    Taral Wayne53
    Greg Ketter22

    Greg Ketter was eliminated in the second round, leaving:

    John D. Berry78
    Taral Wayne62

    After the distribution of preferences John D. Berry was declared the winning candidacy.

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