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  • Janice Murray (North America)
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    1998 PLATFORMS

    Susan Clarke

    Susan Clarke (or Susan Smith Clarke), now known as Susan Batho, is part of the Blue Mountains Conclave of Fans. Mother of four, she has chaired five national conventions amongst others. Winner of FanQ Awrds in the US for writing and editing; ASFMA AWARDS in Australia for writing and editing; plus a Special Ditmar for Service to Australian SF Fandom, and the 1997 Chandler Award. Fanwriter and professional author she is currently doing a PhD in creative writing. Editor and co-editor of over 400 zines in the past 25 years. Currently edits an original fantasy zine; ReviewZine and eight other media titles.

    Previous North American Travel: 1988 to NOLACON with the Sydney in 92 Worldcon Bid committee, and two visits to Media*West*Con.
    Nominators: Justin Ackroyd, Chris Barkley, Sue Butsztynski, Eric Lindsay, Joyce Scrivner.

    Terry Frost

    I've been in fandom since 1979, written dozens of fnazines of steadily increasing readability and broadening subject matter, and hold the record for the longest losing streak in the history of the Ditmar Awards - a record which was broken in 1995 when I got the gong for Best Fan Writer. I want to visit America because I can't believe that so many people drive on the wrong side of the street and have money all the same colour.

    Previous North American Travel: None.
    Nominators: Bruce Gillespie, Mike Glyer, Jeanne Mealy, Lucy Sussex, Jean Weber.

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                        Australia	US    Total
    Susan Clarke 		14 	15      29
    Terry Frost 		26      46      72
    No preference      	 2      17      19
    Hold Over Funds    	 -       1       1
     - John Bangsund         -       1       1
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Total			42	80     122
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Terry Frost achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

  • Altered Brands 1, 15 May 1998, edited by Janice Murray.
  • The Australian Science Fiction Bullsheet 98, 15 May 1998, edited by Marc Ortlieb.
  • Thyme 121, May 1998, edited by Alan Stewart.
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