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  • Cathy Cupitt (Australia)
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    2001 PLATFORMS

    Naomi Fisher and Patrick Molloy

    "Free trip to Australia" -- hah! After 37 years of combined fanac, working on/chairing conventions, editing, writing and drawing for fanzines and apas, participating in local and regional SF groups, 3 FGOHships, and volunteering everywhere (including throwing bid parties for, and working at, Aussiecon Three), we know better!

    "DUFF delegate" means two years of serious publicizing, promotion and fundraising work -- huge responsibilities, needing people with a flair for socializing and administration.

    Fortunately, we excel at these, working with manic enthusiasm and energy. And having already touristed Down Under, we'd love to meet Australian fandom without the invariable, impossible, first-time ambition of seeing everything.

    Previous Australasian Travel: One fannish trip to Aussiecon Three, and twice (including our honeymoon) using Marriott travel awards, flying coach each time.
    Nominators: North America -- Mark and Priscilla Olson, Bruce Pelz, Mike and Carol Resnick; Australasia -- Perry Middlemiss, Alan Stewart

    Steven Silver

    After spending three years working on worldcon programming, I promised my wife I would take a break from fandom for a while. Reviewing, publishing the first ish of a new 'zine in summer of 2001, and vice-chairing a regional con seems to be a little overkill on the "taking a break" pledge, so a trip to Australia should fill up my fannish schedule quite nicely. Besides, it would ensure those pages between the covers of my 'zine weren't blank. Based on years of experience, I could also demonstrate exactly how not to play a didgeridoo, a skill my daughter hates.

    Previous Australasian Travel: None
    Nominators: North America -- Mike Glyer, Evelyn Leeper, Tom Whitmore; Australasia -- Mark Loney, Rose Mitchell

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                        Australia	US    Total
    Naomi Fisher and Patrick Molloy
    	 		 3 	89      92
    Steven Silver 		 9	28	37
    No preference      	 3	17	20
    Hold Over Funds    	 1	 6       7
    Write-Ins 	         2       5       7
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Total			18     145     163
    		       ---     ---     ---
    Naomi Fisher and Patrick Molloy achieved an outright majority on the first ballot.

    (Write-ins were Beastie and Teddy Harvia; some voters selected "Write-in" but gave no name.)


  • DUFF 2001: The Result!, January 2001, edited by Janice Gelb.
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