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    2002 PLATFORMS

    David Cake & Sarah (Locksley) Xu

    We are both active con-running fans from Western Australia, we've both been nominated for fan writer awards, and Sarah for fan artist, editing and (video) production awards too. David's been involved in fandom for 14 years, and Sarah for 6. Dave was Fan Guest of Honour at Swancon in 1997.

    We have been involved in many conventions, including being committee members of the 2001 Australian Natcon (Dave as co-convenor), and will be involved in several more (3 currently!). You'll typically find us in the midst of the programming and party organization at any convention we attend. We are both on the team currently reviving the award winning Western Australian semi-pro 'zine Eidolon.

    We love Australian fandom, and would love to meet more fans from the US!

    Previous North American Travel: "Sarah has never traveled outside of Australia. David has been to North America three times, all on work related travel (technical conferences), but has never managed to make it to a US convention or link up with US fans despite some efforts."

    Nominators: Australasia -- Grant Stone, Jeremy Byrne, Sue Ann Barber. North America -- Lucy Schmeidler, Lloyd & Yvonne Penney

    Julian Warner

    There is a Wild Australian Boy,
    Julian Warner is his name,
    He edited some fanzines
    That he now regards with shame.
    He was a rake but now he's not,
    But his charm he still employs,
    In intra-State fan politics,
    This Wild Australian Boy.

    But he's drawn away to San Jose,
    To meet with fans so couth,
    With US fans to chunder
    And with US fans to "smooooth"
    We'll scour the latest parties,
    Where the Rasffans laugh like drains,
    And scorn to live in Gafia,
    Bound down by things Mundane.

    So help this Wild Australian Boy,
    To reach star-spangled shores,
    Vote Warner for DUFF and send that scruff,
    From the land where the Drongo soars.

    Previous North American Travel: "I spent three weeks in the U.S. in 1994 on a combined holiday and research trip."

    Nominators: Australasia -- Perry Middlemiss, Bruce Gillespie, Mark & Vanessa Loney. North America -- Janice Gelb, Moshe Feder

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    A total of 175 votes cast, in Australasia (80) and North America (95). Of these, 157 voters expressed a preference. Julian Warner received 117 first place votes, achieving an outright majority on the first ballot. David Cake & Sarah (Locksley) Xu polled a very respectable 34 first place votes. The remainder was split between Write In (2 John Bangsund, Lee Smoire), Hold Over Funds (4) and No Preference (18).


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